Doe Deere: The Woman behind the Lime Crime Brand

What comes to mind when you think of color? Do you think of bright pinks, oranges, and possibly even lime…or Lime Crime? If you thought of Lime Crime, you may just be a blossoming “Unicorn” as followers of the Lime Crime brand are so uniquely called.

Lime Crime is a fairly new, blossoming business in the makeup market. It was created to bring bright colors to the makeup scene and show that adults are allowed to be adventurous and have fun. The company launched in 2008 and has only been on the rise since.

But maybe you are already familiar with the Lime Crime line, but how much do you know about the woman behind the brand? Doe Deere is her name and color is her game. Doe Deere, born in Russia, grew up in New York City. From the time that Doe Deere was young, she loved art and color. With no makeup line bright enough to match her style, she decided to venture out and start her own makeup line to suit her own unique personality and flare. Her imaginative personality has taken her from a young girl experimenting with makeup at a slumber party to landing her on the cover of Self-Made magazine as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

If you chance upon her personal website, Doe Deere you will see in an instant her love for color with bright hues of pink covering the page. She is the true inspiration behind her brand wearing color with boldness, not intimidated by all the internet “haters” and rumors out there.

So why the name Lime Crime? In 2004, when she started her Ebay store, she didn’t see herself as a brand per se, but instead just used the first name that popped in her head. Lucky for her, the name stuck and caught fire. Among her followers, the “Unicorns”, the brand signifies a boldness in color with a willingness to be set apart and have fun.

As Doe Deere continues her rise to stardom, she hopes to inspire other women to chase their dreams and encourage other blossoming entrepreneurs to follow their dream of starting their own business.


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People that are really into fashion and beauty probably already heard about Wengie. Wengie is a famous Australian YouTuber. She has some very amazing things to say about fashion and beauty. Certainly, her unique approach to fashion and beauty attracted millions of subscribers to her channel. The name of the young woman behind Wengie is Wendy Huang. The founder of the Wonderful World of Wengie likes to share her best beauty and fashion advice with her league of followers. The Australian beauty got her start on social media. She worked for a digital marketing agency and was very familiar with all the top social media sites. Her familiarity with the sites led to her considering joining the social media sites.

Today, her greatest inspiration is derived from a Korean makeup and beauty line. In addition, she loves sharing information about Asian fashion and makeup lines with her Asian readers. Generally, this is because she discovered that her Asian viewers were hungry for information on Asian inspired products. The market is sorely lacking in information on Asian brands. The lack of information on Asian inspired products is especially true in places like Australia. Wengie is based in Australia. Wengie shares that she is also inspired by other beauty and fashion channels on YouTube.