Inside the Mind of Thor Halvorssen, A Classical Liberal Human Rights Activist

Through an article published in a recent issue of The Magazine, the travails of Thor Halvorssen as a classical liberal human rights activists has been unlocked for the public eye.

Thor Halvorssen’s Ancestry

According to Crunchbase, the desire for freedom and altruism were passed down to Thor Halvorssen by his ancestors. Decades before he was born, his paternal grandfather named Øystein had a resilient contribution during the World War II as the ambassador of the king of Norway in Venezuela, for he managed to redirect the Norwegian flotillas toward the Venezuelan seaports when the Nazis wreaked havoc in his country of origin.

Thor’s mother, on the other hand, hailed from the same family as the statesman who assisted in the liberation of Latin America from the Spanish occupation, Simón Bolivar, and the first Venezuelan President, Cristóbal Mendoza.

How Thor Became An Exceptional Fighter For Human Rights

Based on the report, Thor Halvorssen’s knowledge about individual liberation did not come from the books. He is the son of a man who had experienced torture within a Caracas jail as a result of his exposition of the corruption taking place in the Venezuelan government, and a woman who was murdered during a protest against the late Húgo Chavez. These incidents in his family’s life enabled him to try diverse methods to fight for human rights. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

As Thor emphasized, he feels empathy towards individuals who do not conform to the will of the tyrants. In 2005, he built the not-for-profit organization called Human Rights Foundation which aims to safeguard the sovereignty of people to express their ideas and beliefs and be free from oppression, among others.

The Classic Liberal Ideology

Thor Halvorssen has a distinct manner of thinking with regard to how to liberate people and give them their rights. Rather than participating in riots or pushing for democracy, he personally takes action to gather valuable information that can oust the authoritarians. In addition, he hires employees in the association who wish to rid the planet of tyranny, irrespective of their political views.

The Human Rights Foundation annually holds the Oslo Freedom Forum which educates many about their causes.