Doe Deere as a Role Model for Success

Starting a new business isn’t easy, but there are many rewarding reasons to do it anyway. Major items for consideration when starting your own business include: a well written business plan, a financial plan, and of course passion for your business idea. Without the proper planning a new business can fall apart before it even gets started. It is a good idea to model your business using practices of other successful business owners. Doe Deere, who started Lime Crime Cosmetics, is a prime example of a great role model to consider when it comes to creating a successful business.


Doe Deere has made a success of her business that began in 2004 from her passion for brightly colored hair and make-up. Her line has exploded over the last couple of years since going public. Her amazing colors and cruelty-free line of products have taken her to new heights as a business woman. Her products include: eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes, hair color, and a lot more. Individuals wanting to learn from another business owner could learn a lot from her ideas, passions, and outlook on creating a successful business. Learn more:


Great business ideas often come from someone with a passion, but you can still start a business even if you do not have a passion for the products you intend to sell. Having a passion for business can help keep these kinds of business owners within the loop of success. Doe Deere has learned to combine her passion for cosmetics with her passion for business. Her line of cosmetics has become extraordinarily popular from combining the two. Taking a look at the current market can help a business owner understand where he/she can make changes to their business plan and where they should be focused in order to succeed. Learn more:


Once your passion has been successfully thought out and planned, writing out a proper business plan is essential to any business start-up. Every detail about your business will go into your business plan. In order to apply for a business loan, the bank will require a well written business plan that provides sufficient information about the planned monetary success of your start-up. Finding a great business plan to use as an example of what yours should include can be found online and at bookstores. Getting all of your ideas, passions, and direct plan of action onto paper will ensure a solid foundation for your business to grow. If you need to make changes along the way, you should. Nothing is written in stone. Learn more:


When writing up your business plan it is important to remember that businesses take time to take shape. A lot of patience, determination to succeed, and even money will be needed. There is the possibility that you will be working long hours, with little to no pay coming in. Being ready to start your business is key and should be considered while creating your plan for success. The reward comes once all of the hard work and determination have been utilized. Learn more:


Doe Deere: The Woman behind the Lime Crime Brand

What comes to mind when you think of color? Do you think of bright pinks, oranges, and possibly even lime…or Lime Crime? If you thought of Lime Crime, you may just be a blossoming “Unicorn” as followers of the Lime Crime brand are so uniquely called.

Lime Crime is a fairly new, blossoming business in the makeup market. It was created to bring bright colors to the makeup scene and show that adults are allowed to be adventurous and have fun. The company launched in 2008 and has only been on the rise since.

But maybe you are already familiar with the Lime Crime line, but how much do you know about the woman behind the brand? Doe Deere is her name and color is her game. Doe Deere, born in Russia, grew up in New York City. From the time that Doe Deere was young, she loved art and color. With no makeup line bright enough to match her style, she decided to venture out and start her own makeup line to suit her own unique personality and flare. Her imaginative personality has taken her from a young girl experimenting with makeup at a slumber party to landing her on the cover of Self-Made magazine as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

If you chance upon her personal website, Doe Deere you will see in an instant her love for color with bright hues of pink covering the page. She is the true inspiration behind her brand wearing color with boldness, not intimidated by all the internet “haters” and rumors out there.

So why the name Lime Crime? In 2004, when she started her Ebay store, she didn’t see herself as a brand per se, but instead just used the first name that popped in her head. Lucky for her, the name stuck and caught fire. Among her followers, the “Unicorns”, the brand signifies a boldness in color with a willingness to be set apart and have fun.

As Doe Deere continues her rise to stardom, she hopes to inspire other women to chase their dreams and encourage other blossoming entrepreneurs to follow their dream of starting their own business.


Unique In Chic

“I like to say “”go where you love”” and just really explore that. It’s important to be n touch with yourself and to really know yourself.” Lime Crime’s Doe Deere said it herself in a recent interview for Guest of a guest. If you are unsure who Doe Deere is, she is the entrepreneur who started the bold makeup line named Lime Crime. Most people call her the “queen of unicorns.” Doe was born and raised in Russia until she turned 17 and ventured to New York to follow her then dream to become a musician in 1998. She actually met her husband on her journey to become a musician, they were in a band together.
It it actually all started when Doe was 13 and she lived in Russia. She sold temporary tattoos to her classmates! She made them cool by being unique and true to herself her classmates just followed suit. That’s when she knew she was an entrepreneur. Doe’s uniqueness growing up kept her feeling very different and alone she stated. As a part of growing up she realized that she had a part in this world just as everyone else did and she soon began to realize she wasn’t as different as she thought, thus the creation of Lime Crime was born.
It was back in 2008, still living in New York where Lime Crime all started. Always having gravitated towards bold colors she found it frustrating that she just couldn’t find them anywhere in the makeup aisle. If you’re truly into makeup, you know the feeling of it being an expression of who you really are. That’s the same way Doe Deere felt. She stated “We express ourselves by what we put on our bodies, how we do our hair, and what we put on our face.” That’s an act of passion, and boldness to say the least.

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Skout’s CFO Makes Dream Come True For Women

Skout is a platform on social media that uses pictures to bring people together. Those people are coming together because they only see pictures of their friends before they start talking, and their CFO Portia Kersten is making sure that all their users are happy every day. She has invested her life in getting better at business, and she is one of the best examples of a woman who has gone from having nothing to having something.

Portia Kersten says that she grew up poor, and she only had a lot of ideas that she got because she read books a lot. That is something that a lot of people have done, but many of those people do not think that they can make a difference. She has made sure that she makes a difference by making Skout financially sound. She is leading the way for a company that has a lot of ad revenue to consider, and she always looking at ways that people can make a difference in her company.

She wants all women to know that they can do anything they want, and she also wants people who are disadvantaged to know that they have a chance to make their lives better. Making a life better is easy when people are working hard, and Portia Kersten is talking to women every day about how they can make their lives better. These same people who are going to learn from Portia Kersten could end up working for her, or they can have ideas like Skout. They are trying to make the world a better place using their ideas, and they think that they can follow Portia Kersten to success.

Skout is successful in part because of the financial plan that Portia Kersten uses. Huffington Post featured her as a powerful woman in technology, and she wants to make sure that the company can progress into the future with an even better plan. She is one of the most respected people in her industry, and she is making sure that Skout is one of the most respected platforms in the world. She takes it upon herself to make Skout the best platform for people who want to meet new people, and she is also looking for ways to make the company more profitable. Her plans are perfect for a company that is fledgling and new, and she is the best role model for her staff.

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Lime Crime Mastermind Doe Deere Best Unruly Fashion Tips Revealed!

Fashion rules often keep beauties and beaus indecisive when choosing a look. Who wouldn’t when the options are so far-reaching? Well, fashion industry innovator and entrepreneur, Doe Deere shares life-altering lessons about breaking beauty rules. She admits that while fashion industry lawmakers are quick to oust anything outside the boundaries, some rules need redress. Self-expression is something that Deere strongly recommends for fashion trendsetters. The cosmetics line Deere promotes contradicts traditional fashion rules. They’re boldly expressive, brightly colored and whomsoever. Additionally, she stresses that hers are cruelty-free. With her styling tips, reclusion isn’t viable, although the designs do not align with standard fashion principles.

The rules of fashion oppose dressing fiercely bold! Fashion lawmakers discourage double bold styling. So, not because the rules disapprove of wearing bold-on-bold doesn’t mean it warrants ridicule. Sometimes, it really works! Deere has worn these clashing colors countless times and she’s irresistibly gorgeous with it on. It’s particularly intriguing when it’s combined with mix-and-match styling. Yes, fashion experts and magazines have openly condemned the idea severely, but today’s era presents a platform to showcase these extraordinary designs. What about patterns? Of course, these are beautiful! So, forget about it being too intimidating for fashion. Strangely, Deere wields a gift for pairing patterns beautifully. She admitted that it does require patience as it’s crucial to complement and match color schemes when manipulating patterns.

Today, fashion directives prevent the wearing of open-toed shoes, sandals or heels with socks. Deere disagrees! She’s proudly rebellious with this rule. In her eyes, it’s trendy, especially during winter. Another questionable fashion tip is that which pairs unnatural hair colors with neutral or black outfits only. Deere advises that it’s acceptance to break this formality when wearers embrace “color interaction.“ Now, what’s “color interaction?” Figuratively, it means the harmony of colors despite their complex nature, simplicity or magnanimous appeal. Simply put, it’s the science of blending unusually common colors so they complement each other. The oldest rule of fashion is age-appropriate dressing. However, it’s sometimes wise to break this formality especially when it’s agreeable. Lastly, nothing beats spontaneous. It embraces independence and uniqueness profoundly.

Russian-born American entrepreneur and fashion liberal, Doe Deere is a passionate cosmetics designer. She originated Lime Crime, an exclusive cosmetics company known for its uncultured array of fantasy products. Doe Deere has been liberally rebellious with fashion, she’s an icon. Today, a young, spirited fashion audience relies on her for tips, inspiration, and entrepreneurial guidance. The cosmetic brand exploded commercially earning her a place among the industry’s top business women.

Interestingly, Deere didn’t just develop her imaginative, artistic abilities. She admitted during an interview that she earned her conviction as a child. She launched her Lime Crime business in 2008, which has since propelled into a top-grossing fantasy cosmetics company. Deere dubbed herself the “Unicorn Queen,” having acknowledged her sense of uniqueness, comparing it to that of the mystical creature.

Fashion and Beauty Icon Doe Deere Breaks Down Barriers

In addition to being a buzz worthy social media trend setter, Doe Deere is the creator and CEO of Lime Crime, a revolutionary brand of makeup for bold women who are ready to embrace their inner diva and break all the traditional beauty rules.

Besides being an animal cruelty free brand of cosmetics, Lime Crime was uniquely designed by Deere to help her followers branch out beyond traditional makeup choices and have fun with experimenting and expressing themselves everyday. In fact, Deere refers to her followers and customers as unicorns in homage of their willingness to buck the modern day beauty trends and be free-spirited, unique individuals. With Deeere’s cosmetic line, she hopes that customers will enjoy the experience of presenting themselves to the world through innovative and colorful makeup that makes everyday something to celebrate.

Part of what makes Deere’s approach to fashion and beauty so innovative and catching is her willingness to experiment and take on uncharted territory. As a wildly successful female entrepreneur, Deere’s adventurous spirit is one of her most valuable assets in the makeup industry as well as in her personal image. Deere’s fun-loving, no judgment approach to fashion and beauty puts the artistry and creative spirit back into her customers. In her own online tutorials, Deere shows her followers that it is perfectly okay to have fun with the process of experimenting with makeup and staying away from the more culturally accepted beauty images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

As both a business woman and a fashion and beauty loving inspiration, Deere is creating a legacy for women of all ages and backgrounds for what it means to embody their true selves in all aspects of life. Through her ground-breaking products and creative approach to running her business, Deere shows us that fashion and beauty are simply ways for us to add color and vibrancy to everyday life. Modern day advertising that teaches girls otherwise has met a strong foe in Doe Deere, and we are sure that her bold approach to beauty and fashion will pave the way for women to start making the most of their self-expression and having fun with their fashion and beauty choices in everyday life.