Moving Forward with Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur and co-founder of a company called Tempus. He has also co-founded other companies like Groupon and Lightbank. He has become one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the modern age.

Eric Lefkofsky has tried many different jobs over the years and none has given him the satisfaction that Tempus has. He co-founded many different ventures like InnerWorkings which was a print procurement company, MediaBank which was a media buying tech firm, and one of the most widely known companies in the world today known as Groupon. It is an online company that helps save people money. He stepped down as CEO of that company in 2015 in order to focus his attention on his latest venture Tempus.

Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2016. It is a high tech firm that hopes to quicken the process in a cure for cancer. He has put millions of dollars into research in hopes of one day beating this disease.For one type of cancer, there may be some new information on a person’s susceptibility to being diagnosed with lung cancer.

According to the Dartmouth study, there are many factors that can contribute to a person being diagnosed with lung cancer. A few of these factors are the environment the person is in and genetic predisposition to the disease are well known. The study found that there are three variations in a person’s DNA that can contribute to some getting diagnosed with the disease. The study only took a look at Caucasians and more work needs to be done in this particular area.

A study like this could go a long way in taking the necessary steps to beat any type of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky’s firm Tempus is a high-tech company that helps doctors with the research needed to beat any and every type of cancer.

Tempus is a company that is on the leading edge of cancer research. This is a company that takes in large amounts of genome data in order to make a clients cancer treatment easier. The company is currently working on different types of cancer like lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. Eric Lefkofsky is determined to move forward on the technological front when it comes to finding the best way to tackle the cancers of today. With the help of the Dartmouth study, Eric Lefkofsky may be one step closer to the final solution.

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