Bury Bad Articles Can Help Your Online Presence

Even one negative comment about your business, left by anyone in the world and for any reason, can hurt it. And, a negative feedback rating that pops up in an online Search can lose more business. Even a proven, foreign, malicious troll can cost you up to 22 percent in sales opportunity costs. Consumers shop elsewhere anytime anything negative about a business is found in the first page of Results.

However, the situation can sometimes become worse, even snowballing, if there is any viral element that brings your negative press to the media. In the case of even 3 negative items being found in the first couple of pages of Search Results, nearly 60 percent of regular business can be lost. Ad one more negative article, comment, rating,… etc, and you will lose 70 percent of your customers. This could translate to even greater revenue loss, because of no repeat business from those former customers.

There is hope, if your firm has taken a reputation hit online. Bury Bad Articles is a professional online reputation recovery and management company. They are experts in ways to bury negative press and bury negative search results. They are defining new areas of art and science to perform Digital Hygiene, online reputation management, and in getting all negative items online about you swept away. They do this with a proven technique to bury negative news deep down many pages in all Search Results. They are bringing a new and more instant response to money-losing online negativity.

New tools and a more mature Internet culture are being combined by the engineers at Bury Bad Articles. The result is the ability to bring about the Search Results ranking you need. To move down the negative stuff in the Results until it is never seen by 99.99 percent of searchers. This is the new requirement, to stay in business, to keep growing, and to guard against increasing malicious hacking and Theft By Troll.

Bury bad news that is causing you headaches, lost sleep, prestige, and worst of all, money! Give Bury Bad Articles a call, text, or email. We will get to the bottom of the problem with your online reputation. There are many ways to quickly remedy most such situations, which no one should ever have to endure for long.