EOS is Infused with Great Flavors and Vitamins to Keep Your Lips Healthy

EOS lip balm is all the rage when it comes to lip care products. That’s because it’s a new take on lip care. EOS lip balm has quickly taken over drugstore shelves all over the country. That’s because the product is practical, works well, and is trendy. EOS lip balm comes in an egg shaped container which is different from the traditional tubes that were available. Many enjoy the egg shaped container because they consider it more hygienic. Not only that, but the lip balm itself is hydrating. It leaves lips feeling smooth and soft. Most people love EOS because of the fact that they have a variety of flavors!

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EOS Product Line-up

EOS has a variety of different product lines, refer to amazon.com. Their Shimmer Smooth Spheres come in Sheer Pink and Pearl. These colors help to enhance a smile by adding a hint of color and shimmer. The Sheer Pink is perfect if you want a tiny pop of color on your lips. The pearl color adds just a touch of shine. Both products leave lips soft and beautiful. See evolutionofsmooth.de for more.

EOS also has a line of Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres. One popular flavor is that of Vanilla Mint. The Vanilla Mint is enriched with natural conditioning oils that help keep lips hydrated. The Vanilla Mint flavor is great tasting. It will have you licking your lips all day long! Check here.

A final popular flavor is HoneySuckle Honeydew. This fresh flavor is perfect for summer! The antioxidant-rich vitamins will keep your lips hydrated in the warm sun. The flavor is refreshing, soothing, and will keep your lips insanely smooth. It’s part of the Organic Smooth Spheres line.

Overall, EOS lip balm products are those who want their lips to be in the best possible shape. These flavors aren’t just for cosmetic appeal, they are meant to keep lips healthy.