Brian Torchin -Helping Medical Professionals Succeed

Brian Torchin believes that people should have the job they really want. No stop-gaps working in a job that is not in their special field.

He has his own staffing agency that offers counseling and job placement to medical professionals who use his agency. He will counsel the medical professionals who come to him to ascertain just what field they want to be their specialty.

Upon decerning what the Doctor or Nurse wants to make their life’s work he will start the placement process. Hospitals around the country need their openings filled immediately with a trained professional. Dr. Torchin’s staffing agency vets and verifies the prospective employee. The medical facility is thus assured to getting the best medical professional to fill the opening.

Brian Torchin has known for years just how hard it is for newly licensed doctors or medical students to get jobs. He will obtain an appointment for the interview with the prospective employers and he will work to make sure that the person finds employment in his or her field of choice.

Brian Torchin is himself a practicing Chiropractor and realizes just how hard it is for these new medical professionals or even seasoned professionals to find a job. His staffing company offices are in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but he provides his services across the country.

A topic at Topix shows tht Brian Torchin’s background is in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. He graduated from the New York Chiropractic College and has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware.

He is there to help find answers to the biggest questions in healthcare. How to find gainful employment. He is adamant about helping fellow healthcare professionals to find that special job as well as helping medical facilities find the right person to join their staff.

Brian Torchin has been described as a person who is able to provide the best solutions to his clients.

He has a client base not only in the United States but in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia as well. His aim is to offer his clients fast and efficient solutions to their problem and he is always available to answer questions and requests.