Securus Technologies, Leading by Example and Innovation

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas is a telecommunications company connecting inmates with their loved ones. They have been in the business since 1986, and have made great advances in the way correctional facilities handle their communications and financial services needs. The company offers a variety of services including regular and video calling, inmate voicemail, prepaid debit cards and services to help put money on an inmates financial account to purchase commissary items.


Securus Technologies has also assisted in monitoring calls and inside the facilities as well. This benefits everyone by increasing safety and security of the facility. Several crimes both internally and even with facility staff have been successfully prosecuted via the monitoring services. Both the inmates’ families and correctional facility employees have expressed their gratitude for the evidence that otherwise would’ve been difficult, if not impossible to obtain.


The company has committed itself to improving customer service as well as technology to help keep everyone safe and in touch. The company provides services for well over 1 million inmates nationwide for several thousand correctional facilities. It even goes beyond the facilities by offering technology to monitor those on house arrest, community control, and similar programs.


The company has also recently been given the highest rating as an “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. The company also has received high customer satisfaction scores and prides itself on being able to resolve most issues within a single telephone call. This is a challenge for nearly any company, and especially one for this sort of business. Emotions and stress are among the challenges that come along with the challenge, however, Securus Technologies seems to break through with great assistance and reasonable resolutions. Going the extra mile by investing in people as well as technology is what is putting Securus Technologies as one of the highest ranking providers around.


Whitney Wolfe is Giving Women Control through Bumble

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble Application and co-founder of Tinder the popular dating app, Whitney Wolfe is a great American entrepreneur. In 2014 Whitney Wolfe was named as one of Business Insider’s Most Important Under 30 Women in Tech. Born in 1990, in Salt Lake City Utah Whitney Wolfe’s father, Michael, was a real estate developer and her mother, Kelly, housewife. She attended the Southern Methodist University and specialized in International Studies. Her entrepreneurial drive began at a young age of 19, while she was still in University. There she started a business of Bamboo tote bags to areas that were being affected by BP Oil Spill. Thereafter, Whitney Wolfe partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp, a celebrity stylist, to start a non-profit organization, the” Help Us Project.” Its main focus was helping the affected people gain access to the bags. After graduation, she went to Southeast Asia to work with orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe’s career in Technology began when she joined the Hatch Labs when she was 22 years. She began by working with the Start Up Cardify, but later on dropped the project. Whitney Wolfe went on to start the popular dating site, Tinder, together with Rad, Justin Mateen and Chris Gulczynski in 2012. Whitney rose to become the firm’s vice president for marketing and quickly grew its popularity. However, in 2014 Whitney Wolfe left Tinder and moved to Austin, Texas. There she started Bumble with Andrew Andreev

Headquartered in Austin Texas, Bumble is also a dating application that facilitates communication between interested users. As opposed to previous traditions Bumble’s gives its women users control for once in dating sites which is one of its goals. Furthermore its aims at eradicating the common tradition of nudity in dating sites. Bumble simply wants to change the entire eco-system of online dating and make it less agonising for women. Bumble does this by preventing from using false identifies as a means of luring women into false relationships. Bumble also has zero tolerance for nastiness and abuse especially against women. One clear distinction about the dating application is that women are the hunters not the ones being hunted. The app since its inception has been picking up very well in the market, in fact by late 2015, the app had reached over 15 million unique conversations.. Bumble simply wants to do away with the archaic norms and give women control to choose whatever they want and in this case their dating partner.

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My Blog Gives Away Fashions From JustFab All The Time

When shopping for summer looks, it’s not enough to simply look through fashion magazines to determine what’s hot for the summer. Bloggers are the ones that can help you to learn what looks are good to go with and which ones should be thrown by the wayside. Bloggers have a lot of information about fashion, which is why many people turn to us to find out about new clothing and hip trends that many people like these days. I tend only to shop in one place, even though I may switch it up from time to time. I found so many great clothes on the JustFab website that I rarely shop anywhere else.

With summer coming up, I decided to dedicate a portion of my blog to summer clothing and looks only, and I even allow my readers to contribute their opinions and pictures of clothing that they believe would be hot for the summer. What is so funny is the fact that JustFab has it all down and has summer looks that are ready to go and can be paired with many other products on their website. JustFab doesn’t only sell clothes and shoes but also jewelry and handbags. Who couldn’t complete a summer look with the products on the JustFab website? I joined to become a member of the JustFab website because I loved the potential savings.

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Since I chose to do a “summer look” section on my blog, I had to make the choice to purchase some more summer clothing, which I bought mostly on the JustFab website. I found some of the most amazing pairs of pants that fit me snugly and looked great on my backside. I got a spaghetti strap top that was loose fitting but still looked great with the pants I paired it with. I also found some dresses that were too cute and went perfectly with a pair of boots that I also wanted to wear for the summer. I put a lot of the clothing I buy from JustFabs on my blog, and I’ve gotten tons of great compliments.

As a member of the JustFab website, I earn points all the time because of the massive amounts of purchases I make on the site. In some cases, I will even buy clothing to give it away on my blog, and many people will sign up for these giveaways because they love the clothes, and all of it comes from the JustFab website. Even the shoe giveaway is a big hit on my blog because the shoes come from JustFab as well. I know that I’ll always use the JustFab website whenever I need any great looking fashions.

Unique In Chic

“I like to say “”go where you love”” and just really explore that. It’s important to be n touch with yourself and to really know yourself.” Lime Crime’s Doe Deere said it herself in a recent interview for Guest of a guest. If you are unsure who Doe Deere is, she is the entrepreneur who started the bold makeup line named Lime Crime. Most people call her the “queen of unicorns.” Doe was born and raised in Russia until she turned 17 and ventured to New York to follow her then dream to become a musician in 1998. She actually met her husband on her journey to become a musician, they were in a band together.
It it actually all started when Doe was 13 and she lived in Russia. She sold temporary tattoos to her classmates! She made them cool by being unique and true to herself her classmates just followed suit. That’s when she knew she was an entrepreneur. Doe’s uniqueness growing up kept her feeling very different and alone she stated. As a part of growing up she realized that she had a part in this world just as everyone else did and she soon began to realize she wasn’t as different as she thought, thus the creation of Lime Crime was born.
It was back in 2008, still living in New York where Lime Crime all started. Always having gravitated towards bold colors she found it frustrating that she just couldn’t find them anywhere in the makeup aisle. If you’re truly into makeup, you know the feeling of it being an expression of who you really are. That’s the same way Doe Deere felt. She stated “We express ourselves by what we put on our bodies, how we do our hair, and what we put on our face.” That’s an act of passion, and boldness to say the least.

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A Fashionable Intimidation

A lot of people, both men and women tend to shy away from fashion for many reasons. One major reason is that it brings forth the idea of having to cough up tons of money in order to buy a stylish outfit. Another thought that comes to mind is the idea of being judged by appearance on which is inevitable even though it is unfortunate. Of course, there is the thought that not every occasion is good for dressing up. Among the occasions people don’t dress up for is working out or taking part in athletic activities. However, some companies are responding to this by putting together a new type of clothing which is athleisure.
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Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night

Athleisure is the type of clothing that address the issue of saving some of the better clothes for certain occasions. When it comes to working out, it is not a good idea to wear clothes that one would wear to a date or a formal gathering. For one thing, it is not very comfortable nor are the clothes durable. However, certain clothing lines have put together a type of style that blends elegant looks with the type of fabric that is durable for working out and other activities.

One company that does athleisure is Fabletics, which is a division of JustFab started by Kate Hudson. There are many different elegant looks for athletic clothing that is offered with the help of Kate Hudson, who is considered a very stylish celebrity. She has noticed that there is a huge gap in athletic clothing when it comes to style. So she partnered with others in order to bring forth a very unique line of clothing that blends athletic clothes with leisure clothes. There is also a line available for men. Both men and women could wear clothes to workout in and then go out for the night.

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Doe Deere Tells Everyone To Throw Fashion Rules Out The Window

Doe Deere stands on the fringes of the fashion world where there are no rules anymore. She has never subscribed to the philosophy that a woman can only wear so much, and she takes issue with some rules that women have been told their whole lives. Women and girls can take every rule that Doe has mentioned, turn it on its head and wear some products from Doe’s company called Lime Crime. Bright colors from Lime Crime and no fashion rules let women dress however they want.

Doe begins her assault on old fashion rules by telling women that they can wear any colors they want at any time. Replacing tried and true fashion rules with the freedom to wear as many colors as possible takes women to a brand new fashion place. Women can wear a thousand bright colors at the same time, and they can combine them even if they are bright. There is no need for a neutral color just because a woman likes bright yellow and bright pink.

The same thing applies to women’s makeup. Makeup colors from Lime Crime can be worn on the eyes and lips pretty easily, and the two colors together are no longer a faux pas. Women can wear that bright lip color they love, and they can wear an even brighter color color. Lime Crime has all these colors available, and combining bright makeup with bright clothes works just as well.

Doe has a particular problem with women being told to dress their age or to wear their hair a certain way. Women who have purple, blue, green or unnatural hair colors are not confined to wearing only neutrals. Beige and black are not the only colors an alternative woman can wear, and alternative women are allowed to dress in the clothes they like the most.

There will be more power suits on teenagers, and there will be more mini dresses on golden girls. Women who feel the freedom to dress however they want will look so much better as a result, and the confidence is easy to read when they are seen in public.

There are a lot of women who love to wear their peep toe shoes all year even when it gets cold outside, and they are talked down out of their shoes due to old fashion rules. Peep toe shoes are the perfect shoes to wear to show off stockings and tights, and women who love their peep toes can create some sexy outfits for the fall or winter that include interesting stockings.

A woman who is breaking all the fashion rules like Doe Deere will find a new home at Lime Crime, and the Lime Crime cosmetic brand gives women another way to break the rules. Every rule keeps women from dressing the way they prefer, and breaking the rules creates freedom for all women.

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Lime Crime Mastermind Doe Deere Best Unruly Fashion Tips Revealed!

Fashion rules often keep beauties and beaus indecisive when choosing a look. Who wouldn’t when the options are so far-reaching? Well, fashion industry innovator and entrepreneur, Doe Deere shares life-altering lessons about breaking beauty rules. She admits that while fashion industry lawmakers are quick to oust anything outside the boundaries, some rules need redress. Self-expression is something that Deere strongly recommends for fashion trendsetters. The cosmetics line Deere promotes contradicts traditional fashion rules. They’re boldly expressive, brightly colored and whomsoever. Additionally, she stresses that hers are cruelty-free. With her styling tips, reclusion isn’t viable, although the designs do not align with standard fashion principles.

The rules of fashion oppose dressing fiercely bold! Fashion lawmakers discourage double bold styling. So, not because the rules disapprove of wearing bold-on-bold doesn’t mean it warrants ridicule. Sometimes, it really works! Deere has worn these clashing colors countless times and she’s irresistibly gorgeous with it on. It’s particularly intriguing when it’s combined with mix-and-match styling. Yes, fashion experts and magazines have openly condemned the idea severely, but today’s era presents a platform to showcase these extraordinary designs. What about patterns? Of course, these are beautiful! So, forget about it being too intimidating for fashion. Strangely, Deere wields a gift for pairing patterns beautifully. She admitted that it does require patience as it’s crucial to complement and match color schemes when manipulating patterns.

Today, fashion directives prevent the wearing of open-toed shoes, sandals or heels with socks. Deere disagrees! She’s proudly rebellious with this rule. In her eyes, it’s trendy, especially during winter. Another questionable fashion tip is that which pairs unnatural hair colors with neutral or black outfits only. Deere advises that it’s acceptance to break this formality when wearers embrace “color interaction.“ Now, what’s “color interaction?” Figuratively, it means the harmony of colors despite their complex nature, simplicity or magnanimous appeal. Simply put, it’s the science of blending unusually common colors so they complement each other. The oldest rule of fashion is age-appropriate dressing. However, it’s sometimes wise to break this formality especially when it’s agreeable. Lastly, nothing beats spontaneous. It embraces independence and uniqueness profoundly.

Russian-born American entrepreneur and fashion liberal, Doe Deere is a passionate cosmetics designer. She originated Lime Crime, an exclusive cosmetics company known for its uncultured array of fantasy products. Doe Deere has been liberally rebellious with fashion, she’s an icon. Today, a young, spirited fashion audience relies on her for tips, inspiration, and entrepreneurial guidance. The cosmetic brand exploded commercially earning her a place among the industry’s top business women.

Interestingly, Deere didn’t just develop her imaginative, artistic abilities. She admitted during an interview that she earned her conviction as a child. She launched her Lime Crime business in 2008, which has since propelled into a top-grossing fantasy cosmetics company. Deere dubbed herself the “Unicorn Queen,” having acknowledged her sense of uniqueness, comparing it to that of the mystical creature.

Fashion and Beauty Icon Doe Deere Breaks Down Barriers

In addition to being a buzz worthy social media trend setter, Doe Deere is the creator and CEO of Lime Crime, a revolutionary brand of makeup for bold women who are ready to embrace their inner diva and break all the traditional beauty rules.

Besides being an animal cruelty free brand of cosmetics, Lime Crime was uniquely designed by Deere to help her followers branch out beyond traditional makeup choices and have fun with experimenting and expressing themselves everyday. In fact, Deere refers to her followers and customers as unicorns in homage of their willingness to buck the modern day beauty trends and be free-spirited, unique individuals. With Deeere’s cosmetic line, she hopes that customers will enjoy the experience of presenting themselves to the world through innovative and colorful makeup that makes everyday something to celebrate.

Part of what makes Deere’s approach to fashion and beauty so innovative and catching is her willingness to experiment and take on uncharted territory. As a wildly successful female entrepreneur, Deere’s adventurous spirit is one of her most valuable assets in the makeup industry as well as in her personal image. Deere’s fun-loving, no judgment approach to fashion and beauty puts the artistry and creative spirit back into her customers. In her own online tutorials, Deere shows her followers that it is perfectly okay to have fun with the process of experimenting with makeup and staying away from the more culturally accepted beauty images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

As both a business woman and a fashion and beauty loving inspiration, Deere is creating a legacy for women of all ages and backgrounds for what it means to embody their true selves in all aspects of life. Through her ground-breaking products and creative approach to running her business, Deere shows us that fashion and beauty are simply ways for us to add color and vibrancy to everyday life. Modern day advertising that teaches girls otherwise has met a strong foe in Doe Deere, and we are sure that her bold approach to beauty and fashion will pave the way for women to start making the most of their self-expression and having fun with their fashion and beauty choices in everyday life.