Jon Urbana Through a Video Lens

Jon Urbana is a rising name on the wide space of the internet. With his many interests and strong social media presence, Urbana is making a professional name for himself. After retiring from a professional career as a lacrosse player, Urbana decided to continue his passion for the sport in another way: coaching. Being the entrepreneur that he is, Urbana started his own lacrosse camp known as Next Level Lacrosse Camp. It is catered to the youth and has become a popular option for kids in the Denver, Colorado area. In addition to his growing business and growing collection of fans on Facebook, Urbana has a growing passion for exploration and even more of one for Twitter. He has many interests and displays them for people to see. Videos is one of Urbana’s interests, many of which can be found on his Vimeo, Tumblr, or Daily Motion, or WRCB TV. Urbana’s videos capture a large array of his personality and the interests that he has.

In this video, Jon Urbana’s business, Next Level Lacrosse Camp is being introduced by Jon Urbana and explained by another speaker. The speaker also covers some of Jon Urbana’s interests outside of coaching lacrosse while providing a link to access Urbana’s material and information.

Some of Jon Urbana’s videos are also artistic in nature. On his Daily Motion account, there is a video capturing the beatiful scenery of Malaysia. The title of the video is “Timelapse from Malaysia on a Summer Night” and features a still camera as it captures a large timelapse of clouds passing over Malaysian buildings.

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Continuing his love for capturing the beauty of nature, in his Cloud Rule the Sky video, Urbana again captures a timelapse of clouds floating effortlessly across a beautiful sky.

Jon Urbana also has videos relating to his philanthropic efforts. In this video, Urbana introduces his new fundraising campaign for Earth Force which is a non for profit which focuses on maintaining a healthy environment.