Beneful Treats for the Small Dog in Your Life

Any dog lover knows the benefits of having a small dog for a pet. One aspect people often overlook, and it is a cute one, is having to find food and treats that tiny dogs can enjoy.

Purina Beneful offers a variety of treats [] for dogs of all sizes, but its nice to have a choice, especially when it comes down to not just small dogs, but extremely small dogs like the teacup and toy sizes. The following is a short list of products Beneful offers to fulfill this need.

The Healthy Smile line of treats offer two such goodies made to satisfy any toy yorkie or teacup chihuahua’s taste buds. Dental Ridges, containing delicious meats and real parsley, are designed for both the teeth and bone’s health. Dental twists offer the same quality in a peanut butter flavor, though in a shape designed to reach different angles of the teeth. Both help to freshen up your dog’s breath and smile, and who doesn’t appreciate this in their beloved pup.

Also offered is the Beneful Baked Delights line of treats. Good for all sizes, they are another alternative for smaller dogs. Offered in a variety of shapes and flavors, the bacon and cheese stars would be a nice tidbit for a small dog to munch on. Another are the oven-baked shortbread, heart-shaped treats with apple and bacon flavoring in the the center. A pleasurable delicacy for any hungry dog. All these and other Beneful products can be found at your local Wal-Mart grocery, animal supply store, or online at