George Soros Continues to Donate to Charity, In Spite of Attacks and Demonization By Right Wing Extremists

Right wing conspiracy theorists are up to their tricks again. This time, their target is philanthropist and billionaire George Soros. George Soros donates a lot of money to causes that these conspiracy theorists abhor, and they have decided to make him a target of their theories. According to these extremists, George Soros is basically funding everything that they do not like. They say he is funding organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Women’s March, and every other cause that they can think of which they do not like. Alleged child molester Roy Moore, who was running for the Senate in Alabama and lost because of the allegations about his horrible conduct, tried to pin the blame on George Soros, making up a story that he paid the women to come forth with their stories. It is sad that some right wing extremists actually believed him, even though it does not make sense and he did not have any evidence to that effect.

Why is George Soros a target of the alt-right? The answer is that they do not like his philanthropic donations, which he makes to progressive causes. In fact, George Soros recently donated eighteen billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations. This donation will make sure that the Open Society Foundations can continue supporting freedom and democracy in the whole world. However, right wing ideological extremists do not like that. They know that such a large donation will greatly increase freedom and democracy and the right of everyone, including immigrants and the LGBT community, to enjoy the same basic civil rights as everyone else. The extreme right wing site Breitbart called the Open Society Foundations the Death Star now that it is so powerful. In fact, it is now the second largest foundation in the world.

The problem, according to The Atlantic, is that people hate everyone else who does not agree with them politically. The country is just so divided, that if someone believes in political ideal that you do not, then people on the other side will immediately become suspicious and think that they are bad with evil intentions. If they are doing stuff on a large scale, they will start accusing them off all sorts of conspiracies.

There is no doubt that this needs to change. The country needs to get together. Perhaps you are a Republican. However, you will need to acknowledge that George Soros is doing a lot of good and that his foundations have brought improvements to many countries. His contributions have changed the lives of so many people. Most of all, George Soros is doing all of this from the bottom of his heart. He really wants to help other people out, and he knows that his massive wealth gives him the opportunity to do so. He feels a need to help out his fellow human beings in whatever way he can. It is rare to find people like him.

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