Jeremy Goldstein – Providing Insight on Features and Benefits of Stock Options

There are hundreds of lawyers and law firms in New York, but in the field of corporate and compliance law, one of the attorneys that have made a great name for him is Jeremy Goldstein. One of the areas of expertise of Jeremy Goldstein is to provide consultation to the companies on the compensation they can and should pay to the higher level executives, which includes Presidents, VPs, CEOs, and others.

The compensation committees need to be advised by the legal counsel as the companies want to make sure that the top brass of the enterprise is well-paid and satisfied with their pay check.

Jeremy Goldstein understands the various variables that are added to the compensation of the employees and is aware of the much confusion around the stock options.

Jeremy Goldstein says that people are aware these days that while stock options may sound very glamorous in the beginning, it is only as good as the market price of the shares.

Employees today only wants to take back home a good amount at the end of the day, and it is the guarantee that the stock options do not provide. Jeremy Goldstein says that stock options are good from the company’s perspective because it makes the employees feel accountable as the part owner of the enterprise.

As a stock holder, they are responsible for behaving like an owner, and it improves performance and quality of service drastically.

Jeremy Goldstein has been the key man in the merger and acquisition deal between the Progress Energy and Duke Energy.

Over the years, his firm Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC has managed many M&A deals and continues to be the professional legal counsel to many of the top companies in the United States.

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