Baur and His Swiss Start Factory Are Luring In Investors

The fintech industry continues to grow with the addition of the Swiss Start Up Factory. Recently started by Mike Baur, the concept is to provide quality investment and advisory services to clients throughout the region. Already the company is luring away quite a few finance professionals have decide to leave the day to day grind of the finance business behind and join something innovative and a bit more cutting edge.

Baur himself comes from a solid banking background, having served for quite sometime as a chief banker at Clariden and Sallfort, The Swiss Start Up Factory is his brainchild and is designed to provide support to young entrepreneurial professionals throughout the continent that wish to specialize in digital technology of one sort or another.

Investors and advisors who are choosing to join the Swiss Start Up Factory do so in the anticipation of finding new ideas and concepts that they can invest in. Digital technology startups are seen as an emerging and potentially lucrative field. By focusing on young professionals that have a passion and desire for growth, investors are finding new opportunities by pumping their industry and financial know how into Baur’s creation.

Baur understands what it is like to have a great idea, but no financial backing. He also knows that it takes more than simple desire to succeed, which is why he has implemented a comprehensive coaching program that will lead to lower risk over the long run.

The Swiss Start Up Factory is soon to be launching an accelerator program. The core focus of this division will be specifically on fintech companies. In doing so, Baur and his professional team of investors and advisors will be working right alongside Fusion, which is a leaving fintech-accelerator firm strategically in Geneva.

Bringing his 20 years of experience within the Swiss banking industry to the table, Baur is personally responsible for all of the fundraising and financing efforts at the Swiss Start Up Factory. It is now two years old, and already the word is out that they are looking for digital entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation and excellence. The firm has ambitious and targeted goals that they are working hard to achieve on behalf of their principle investors.

Role of Investment Advisors in the Economy

Investment banking is the process of offering advice to clients in an economy. Investment banking is different from local business. In the commercial business scenario, there is the flow of cash that is involved which is not the case with investment banking. Investment banking offers advice to clientele with great funds that they need information on. The clientele ranges from corporations, individuals, governments, companies and also countries.

People have always mistaken the role of the investment banking as part of the banking industry. The services that are offered by the investment bankers are highly needed by many businesses and individuals who desire to be provided advise on a given security, who needs financial assistance and who needs help in regards to financial transactions.

Large firms and persons who have extensive businesses need critical and vital advice in regards to the business that they are involved in. Investment bankers are always used in analyzing investments and projecting any risk that is participating in the trade transactions at hand. Investors who seek such advice always are satisfied with the information that they receive.

Lustgarten Martin Company is owned by Martin Lustgarten, and he is the CEO where he has been involved in offering various financial pieces of advice to his clients. He has the wealth of experience, and he has always been sought out whenever largest companies need to make investment decisions. He takes control of the business, and he has been able to secure funds and assist in transactions for most of his customers.

An element that makes him unique is the need to make the right decisions in the market when it comes to securities. The security market is volatile, but he has always been able to offer correct predictions about stocks and where most institutions have benefited out of. Martin Lustgarten has many years of experience and eh is always involved in the day to day advisory services to the clients globally.

He has unique ideas about financial advice, and he always focuses on maintaining the relationship rather than making profits.

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Talk Fusion and Their Slogan Better With Video

Talk Fusion is the new and simple way to cover all aspects of video communication in one simple application suite. Talk Fusion CONNECT is the suite consisting of video chat, video email, video newsletter and live conferencing. Make your business and brand attractive with this new video technology. Customizable templates are an added feature to make every video unique to the customer business and brand. No longer rely on simple text to create a brand image. Use the power of video to enhance your brands image as well as sell your product to more people making use of the world wide web.

The direct selling approach to the Talk Fusion platform gives every customer the opportunity to become their own business owner. By promoting the product one can financially benefit as well as using the unique features of the application suite. Making use of patent pending technology Talk Fusion allows customers to communicate via high definition video with remarkable speeds. Talk Fusion’s unique coding will give each customer the best possible experience, adjusting to the maximum bandwidth of the internet connection. Quality is not compromised when it comes to Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina and Dr. Jonathan Chen were the initial minds behind Talk Fusions first application launch, the video email software allowed users to embed any video within the email as well as applying a thousand different templates to the video making it unique to their needs. Bob Reina is still very involved in the everyday working at Talk Fusion making his vision and leadership a priority. Bob believes there is still a lot to be done and the success he has had today can still be improved upon further. Bob spends his days fine tuning the ideas and adding to the value of the existing platform through his innovative ideas. The team of marketing professionals at Talk Fusion provide the next step putting Bob Reina’s ideas into action and further polishing its features. Talk Fusion could well be the best way to utilize video for all business branding purposes.

Securus Technologies: Keeping Us Connected


Securus Technologies is an inmate phone calls company that provides calling services to the prison industry. For years they have been connecting us with our friends and loved ones who are incarcerated. However, the CEO, Rick Smith, of Securus Technologies is always on the search for innovative ideas that will take the company to a higher level. With all of the competition in the industry, Securus Technologies decided to go with a more forward-thinking approach. The latest reveal is not necessarily unfamiliar in essence, but never before seen in the prison phone service industry. Securus introduced to us Securus Video Visitation mobile app.

“We’re so close, but yet, so far”, is what seems to have come to mind when Securus decided to add video calling to their products. Many people have a hard time driving back and forth to visit their loved ones, while some just cannot afford it. Most of all, a simple phone call from time-to-time just does not cut it either. Securus Technologies designed the inmate phone calling app so that we can simply download it to our phones, choose a plan and schedule a visitation time to interact with the inmates. Not only is this app free, but it is available for Android smartphones and tablets and Apple devices. What is more impressive is that the app has been downloaded over 65,000 times since its launch six months ago. You can download the Android version of the app from Google Play or get the Apple version from the App Store.

The Securus Video Visitation mobile application has given the public options on how to connect with loved ones. No more being confined to just phone calls or physical visits, thanks to Securus Technologies.

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Coriant Continues To Develop Its Successful Brand

The Coriant brand is one of the most successful new entrants into the optical networking industry of recent years after the former department of German technology giant Siemens was purchased by Marlin Equity Partners. Under the guidance of Marlin’s Pat DiPietro the Coriant brand has looked to develop further with the acquisition of a number of different companies that have been merged into Coriant to improve the development of hardware and software. The company has been under the leadership of DiPietro as the CEO since it was formed in 2013, but is now looking for a more focused technology based leader in the form of former Verizon executive Shaygan Kheradpir.

For more than 20 years Shaygan Kheradpir has been one of the stars of the technology industry through his work with GTE Labs and Verizon. During his time with both of these technology companies the changes Kheradpir made to their development departments did not go unnoticed at boardroom level across the industry. Kheradpir was the first to set a 30 day deadline for all research into new technology, which he aided by dividing his research teams into smaller groups who were focused on developing only a small part of each piece of new hardware or software.

Shaygan Kheradpir has spent a large amount of his career working with technology based companies, but has also branched out to provide his expertise for industry leaders looking to increase their use of new technologies. One of the most important steps taken by the Cornell University graduate was to develop his role at Barclays, the financial giant who were looking for the best ways of bringing their financial business into line with the latest technologies. Kheradpir headed the development of the PingIt mobile payments platform, which forms the basis of the wireless payment options used by most banks to the present day.

Coriant executives believe Shaygan Kheradpir can use his skills in both technology and business to bring about a larger level of success than they have already achieved in the development of this optical networking giant.