Doe Deere Makes Serious Moves In the Makeup Industry

Doe Deere was raised in New York City, but born in Russia. She is most well-known as the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere has made it her mission to prove that makeup doesn’t only serve a concealer for women, but an expression of freedom and creativity.


Doe doesn’t define beauty as what looks familiar or is natural, Instead, she shares that beauty is whatever feels right at the moment. This is the mindset that lead her to develop and launch Lime Crime in 2008. The company not only offers bright, vivid colors in eye shadow and lipstick, but all of the products are vegan and cruelty-free. Before this, Doe Deere started her makeup company online in 2004 on Ebay, and would later develop the company into a well-known brand.


Doe Deere came up with the name for her business based on her favorite color. She also wanted to make cosmetics that were so eye-catching that wearing them should be illegal! Deere started out small and decided that she would be successful on her own terms, and she shares her expertise and experience with female entrepreneurs all around the world. In addition to connecting with her fans via social media, Doe Deere has also been a speaker at events like Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo.


Doe Deere encourages businesswomen to go after their dreams without being afraid of what others think. She says that entrepreneurs have to follow their intuition and act on an idea with confidence. After all, a great idea could turn into a lucrative business. When Deere started out, people told her that it was unlikely that women would buy lipstick online without being able to try it first. However, Doe Deere’s company is one of the first to offer online color swatches to give women an accurate idea of how the makeup will look before purchase. The lipstick is also modeled on Doe Deere’s lips on the website. Deere also says that it’s important to make customers feel special, and she’s learned to continue developing her customer service department to ensure that customers feel as though their voices are heard.

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Wengie and Max Best YouTube Couple Ever: Fire Noodle Ramen Challenge

If you don’t know Wengie and Max, then you don’t know YouTube. Everyone adores this super cute couple and the famous Wengie vlogs.

Today, we’re looking at the awesome “Fire Noodle Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge.”

This is South Korea’s spiciest instant noodles and a wonderful budget-friendly meal if you like things super hot! Wengie and Max are ready to see who best can stand the heat in the kitchen, even though they are dining in the den. Cat Mia loves the aroma and is trying to see what the cuisine is all about.

Wengie gets a large glass of water by her side and one for Max, just in case they can’t hack it. They swear the H2O will be used only as a last resort.

“Please, Lord have mercy on my soul,” Max exclaims, as he’s ready to sample a big forkful of the insanely spicy noodles.

Max likes the bite and claims “It kinda hits you,” while Wengie secretly and playfully tosses the food back into her bowl, never swallowing much of any of her fire noodles at first.

Then Wengie gets serious and begins taking big bites of the noodles, plowing through her portion, while Max takes a break, trying to catch his breath, which is suddenly on fire.

Wengie’s nose begins running, and she’s feeling the burn down her esophagus; even her stomach feels cold as the food makes it way down. The couple keeps chowing down, but it’s painful to actually get through, Wengie remarks.

Max and Wengie are trying hard to finish the entire bowl of fire noodle ramen. Wengie is happy she wore all black, while Max wore a white tee shirt. Fortunately, he didn’t drop a morsel of the fire engine red noodles on himself.

Both reach for their water at the end and can’t stop giggling after the spicy noodle challenge. Even Max’s eyes were watering after ingesting the hot chilis at the bottom of his bowl.

Wengie and Max are so sweet and loving, and their lifestyle vlogs are addictive to watch. They are the cutest couple ever!


Learn more about Wengie:


WEN By Chaz Works Its Purity And Magic On Beauty Writer’s Limp Hair

Life is not fair; just ask women cursed with a fine mane that does nothing and can’t hold a style.
Beauty writer Emily McClure was in that boat and struggled with her hair on a daily basis. She decided to try something different, a famous no-poo method that adds shine and body to hair.

Emily chose to sample the Wen hair by Chaz no lather shampoo system and report her 7-day results to She kept a hair diary and even took hair selfies to show readers her progress.

WEN by Chaz has been around for a while now, simply because it works really well, is affordable and is ideal for all hair types. It is the true original no lather shampoo that celebrities use for the shiniest hair in the business. WEN by Chaz is made with pure, natural substances found in nature. You will never find one speck of a chemical in WEN’s cleansing conditioners.

Famous celebrity stylist Chaz Dean invented the brand, because he lives a healthy lifestyle and dreamed of an holistic approach to beautiful hair. His formulas don’t need a lather to perform. His plant-based cleansing conditioners soothe and nourish strands from root to end, delivering gorgeous, full, glossy tresses. WEN hair care products are available from retailers like Guthy Renker and Sephora. It can also be bought via

Emily discovered some wonderful tips to give users the best WEN by Chaz experience:

1. Develop a hair routine and stick with it. Emily learned that a daily morning WEN wash gave amazing results.

2. Read the directions and use an ample amount of product. Emily skimped on the amount, because she thought it was excessive. A no lather shampoo requires lots of product to be really effective.

3. WEN is not for lazy girls. You need to take time and effort to blow-dry and style your hair.

It’s that easy; WEN by Chaz works miracles. Like the WEN hair Facebook page for more info.


Doe Deere: The Woman behind the Lime Crime Brand

What comes to mind when you think of color? Do you think of bright pinks, oranges, and possibly even lime…or Lime Crime? If you thought of Lime Crime, you may just be a blossoming “Unicorn” as followers of the Lime Crime brand are so uniquely called.

Lime Crime is a fairly new, blossoming business in the makeup market. It was created to bring bright colors to the makeup scene and show that adults are allowed to be adventurous and have fun. The company launched in 2008 and has only been on the rise since.

But maybe you are already familiar with the Lime Crime line, but how much do you know about the woman behind the brand? Doe Deere is her name and color is her game. Doe Deere, born in Russia, grew up in New York City. From the time that Doe Deere was young, she loved art and color. With no makeup line bright enough to match her style, she decided to venture out and start her own makeup line to suit her own unique personality and flare. Her imaginative personality has taken her from a young girl experimenting with makeup at a slumber party to landing her on the cover of Self-Made magazine as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

If you chance upon her personal website, Doe Deere you will see in an instant her love for color with bright hues of pink covering the page. She is the true inspiration behind her brand wearing color with boldness, not intimidated by all the internet “haters” and rumors out there.

So why the name Lime Crime? In 2004, when she started her Ebay store, she didn’t see herself as a brand per se, but instead just used the first name that popped in her head. Lucky for her, the name stuck and caught fire. Among her followers, the “Unicorns”, the brand signifies a boldness in color with a willingness to be set apart and have fun.

As Doe Deere continues her rise to stardom, she hopes to inspire other women to chase their dreams and encourage other blossoming entrepreneurs to follow their dream of starting their own business.


Coachella Style Comes To The Rest Of The World

Coachella style is in the news every year because what the stars are wearing to Coachella makes a difference in the world of fashion. Plus, their hair and makeup styles are going to be in for the rest of the spring and summer. The only way to make sure that people get the best look at these styles is to try the videos made by Wengie. She is an amazing video star who makes tutorials for everything from the simplest hairstyle to the most complicated makeup.

The videos that she makes show how people can replicate a style they saw at Coachella, and she goes through all the major looks to show people what can be done with just one look that was on a star at the festival. It is also important to make sure that people have a look at all of Wengie’s videos to learn what her style is. She has a lot of different options for everyone, and people might be surprised at the kinds of things they like when they choose to watch her videos.

Every tutorial easily explains what needs to be done to look great, and the videos are made in a light and fun tone that is going to help people feel like they are learning how to do all these things from a friend. It is also important that people are watching these videos when they want to learn something to do with their clients or do with their friends. It is also important that all these people are going to watch the videos that match their personal style.

There are a lot of styles coming out of the festivals like Coachella, and it is important for people to wear them on their own. Wengie makes great videos to help people look great. Every video is a fun way to learn, and it is important for people to love the way they look.

Doe Deere Tells Everyone To Throw Fashion Rules Out The Window

Doe Deere stands on the fringes of the fashion world where there are no rules anymore. She has never subscribed to the philosophy that a woman can only wear so much, and she takes issue with some rules that women have been told their whole lives. Women and girls can take every rule that Doe has mentioned, turn it on its head and wear some products from Doe’s company called Lime Crime. Bright colors from Lime Crime and no fashion rules let women dress however they want.

Doe begins her assault on old fashion rules by telling women that they can wear any colors they want at any time. Replacing tried and true fashion rules with the freedom to wear as many colors as possible takes women to a brand new fashion place. Women can wear a thousand bright colors at the same time, and they can combine them even if they are bright. There is no need for a neutral color just because a woman likes bright yellow and bright pink.

The same thing applies to women’s makeup. Makeup colors from Lime Crime can be worn on the eyes and lips pretty easily, and the two colors together are no longer a faux pas. Women can wear that bright lip color they love, and they can wear an even brighter color color. Lime Crime has all these colors available, and combining bright makeup with bright clothes works just as well.

Doe has a particular problem with women being told to dress their age or to wear their hair a certain way. Women who have purple, blue, green or unnatural hair colors are not confined to wearing only neutrals. Beige and black are not the only colors an alternative woman can wear, and alternative women are allowed to dress in the clothes they like the most.

There will be more power suits on teenagers, and there will be more mini dresses on golden girls. Women who feel the freedom to dress however they want will look so much better as a result, and the confidence is easy to read when they are seen in public.

There are a lot of women who love to wear their peep toe shoes all year even when it gets cold outside, and they are talked down out of their shoes due to old fashion rules. Peep toe shoes are the perfect shoes to wear to show off stockings and tights, and women who love their peep toes can create some sexy outfits for the fall or winter that include interesting stockings.

A woman who is breaking all the fashion rules like Doe Deere will find a new home at Lime Crime, and the Lime Crime cosmetic brand gives women another way to break the rules. Every rule keeps women from dressing the way they prefer, and breaking the rules creates freedom for all women.

Check out Doe Deere’s Pinterest page

Famous YouTubers to Watch

YouTube is the perfect place to find a video on just about anything imaginable. For example, you will find videos of cute kids, cute pets, the latest online trends, fashion, beauty, and makeup. YouTube is a hot social media site that is visited by millions across the world every hour of the day. The site remains at the top of the popularity charts and is destined to remain at the top well into the future. Did you know that beauty and fashion are also very hot topics on YouTube. Well, it is quite true. One of the hottest channels is the Wengie channel.

People that are really into fashion and beauty probably already heard about Wengie. Wengie is a famous Australian YouTuber. She has some very amazing things to say about fashion and beauty. Certainly, her unique approach to fashion and beauty attracted millions of subscribers to her channel. The name of the young woman behind Wengie is Wendy Huang. The founder of the Wonderful World of Wengie likes to share her best beauty and fashion advice with her league of followers. The Australian beauty got her start on social media. She worked for a digital marketing agency and was very familiar with all the top social media sites. Her familiarity with the sites led to her considering joining the social media sites.

Today, her greatest inspiration is derived from a Korean makeup and beauty line. In addition, she loves sharing information about Asian fashion and makeup lines with her Asian readers. Generally, this is because she discovered that her Asian viewers were hungry for information on Asian inspired products. The market is sorely lacking in information on Asian brands. The lack of information on Asian inspired products is especially true in places like Australia. Wengie is based in Australia. Wengie shares that she is also inspired by other beauty and fashion channels on YouTube.