Jim Larkin; the figure behind the modern labor unions in Ireland

The modern labor movement came to life in the 1900s when Jim Larkin founded ITGWU. At this time, less than 10 percent of workers in Ireland belonged to a labor union. The movements that were there at the time fought for political causes and neglected the ailing workforce.

The few labor unions that existed at the time were British-based and never fought for Ireland’s workforce. As a result, activists in Dublin felt left out by the British based unions and decided to form their own workers’ unions.

They formed the National Union of Dock Laborers with the main aim of fighting for equal rights and fair treatment of the workers by the employees. Jim Larkin was an official at the NUDL, and he actively advocated for the labor union to be international. In 1906, the labor union successfully organized workers strike and the penetrated into Ireland the following year.

Upon their arrival in Belfast, the union organized another strike that would see their members receive better treatment and better pay from their employees. The strike was going on well until NUDL officials decided to go behind Jim’s back to sign a deal with the business owners.

He was infuriated by this action and decided to form another labor movement where he would be the leader. He named the new labor union as Irish Transport & General Workers Union (ITGWU).

Jim Larkin strongly identified the new movement with the Irish-Ireland Movement. He went ahead to make republicanism a force in the union. Jim was determined to make ITGWU an industrial Unionism where he could accommodate all workers from different sectors.

In mid 1911, Jim Larkin’s leadership at ITGWU faced a lot of challenges. Initially, he found it hard to trust to trust other union officials especially after he was betrayed by other officials at NUDL. Some of the officials found it difficult to work with him and therefore faced some resistance from the officials of the movement.

At this time, Jim Larkin needed money to fund the operations of the ITGWU, but it wasn’t forthcoming. Rather than engaging in expensive strikes, Jim decided to use another route to achieve his mission. He established the ITGWU headquarters at Liberty Hall that was a social center and a cultural powerhouse. He then founded the crusading paper dubbed the Irish worker that he would use to spread his message to the world.

The Irish Worker was a phenomenal success, and it showcased Jim Larkin’s skills as a talented editor. In the same year, there was the ‘Great labor Unrest’ that originated from Britain and spread to Ireland.

ITGWU was engulfed in the conflict, and Jim Larkin swung into action. ITGWU membership grew from about five thousand to fifteen thousand in just a few weeks. ITGWU made significant moves that made the Congress aestablish the Labor Party.

ITGWU’s glory came to a sudden halt in the 1913 lockout. Jim Larkin wanted to expand ITGWU’s scope to include other employment sectors such as the Dublin trams. William Martin Murphy, a conservative opposed the idea and decided to fight Jim’s proposition.

A war between 404 employers and more than 20000 employees began that lasted close to one year. This brought Jim Larkin into the international limelight where he was recognized as a labor champion.

A Closer Look at Betsy DeVos’ Massive Contributions to Educational Causes and other Philanthropic Programs

Betsy DeVos and her husband political donations have received a lot of media attention in the recent years. However, these grants are not much compared to their lifetime philanthropic donations that amount to $139 million. She currently serves as the U.S. Education Secretary.


Betsy DeVos’ role in philanthropy


Betsy DeVos charitable donations became public when she was being vetted for the office of the United States Education Secretary. This professional has been on the forefront in supporting education reforms and funding charities that seek to help children acquire access to better learning facilities. Betsy DeVos hails from West Michigan where she currently lives with her family. 2015 marks the year that she supported numerous causes. Betsy DeVos and her husband donated $11.6 million, which was allocated to various charities. The DeVos’ Family Foundation is the organization that awards funds to non-profit agencies on behalf of this couple. Betsy and her husband have been key players in the Republican politics. Their family’s involvement with this party goes back a couple of decades ago. DeVos’ dad and the founder of Amway Corporation is the backbone of the DeVos’ charitable giving. This family was named position 24th among America’s top givers by the Forbes Magazine. According to the DeVos, their lifetime donations amount to $1.33 billion, which is a quarter of their wealth. Betsy DeVos’ side of the family has also been instrumental in donating to the less fortunate. Her father Edgar Prince was a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Education has always been the top priority for Betsy. In 2015, she made sure that this docket was given a quarter of the total donation. She also awarded $357,000 to various organizations that share her sentiment when it comes to academic reforms. Betsy’s love for education comes from her desire of ensuring equality in the education system. She believes that all children, rich or poor, require access to better schools. This conviction has seen her co-establish learning facilities such as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school offers aviation studies to students, and it has provided licenses to more than 15 pilots ever since it was set up. Betsy also supports other core issues such as arts and culture. For years, she has continued to fund this cause with the aim of nurturing talents. She also donates to health centers such as the Helen DeVos’ Children’s Hospital, a clinic that cares for children with brain cancer.


Betsy DeVos helps the society without expecting anything in return. Her greatest joy is to see the results of the programs she helped set up. This aspect is what makes Betsy DeVos unique. According to Betsy, she has been able to finance these philanthropic causes due to the support she gets from her husband.


To learn more, visit http://www.betsydevos.com/.

Anthony Petrello- A master of success

Anthony Petrello has been a problems solver all his life. Since his first career as a mathematician, where he worked to solve complex mathematical theories, to his time in the legal field, where he was a lawyer responsible for handling business litigation matters, Anthony Petrello is the best definition of a natural problem solver. To him, obstacles do not mean that he will fail. He has proved to have a very clear ways of dealing with the challenges he faces. He leaves no stone unturned his quest to solve problems that he faces in the process of executing his duties.

Anthony Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer of the biggest mining company in the world, known as Nabors Industries. The company deals with the drilling of oil and natural gases. In all the levels of organizations he has worked at, Petrello is a master of converting challenges into opportunities. This approach has helped him create a positive impact in the company. He has created a culture of hard work and determination in the employee base of the company. The success seen in the person of Anthony Petrello can be attributed to three things, his educational background, the drives to succeed and his business instincts.

The above three factors have influenced greatly the decision-making abilities of Antony Petrello. These factors have helped him manage to fit in various roles throughout his life. From a young age, Petrello remained determined and managed to go against the odds of poverty that he had been born in to become one of the most brilliant students of his time. His determination granted him an opportunity to study at the Yale University. He took a degree in mathematics. After completing his masters in mathematics, he left the profession and decided to start studying law. He joined the Harvard law school from where he graduated with a Juris Doctor.

After completing his law studies, he joined Baker& McKenzie law firm in New York as a lawyer in charge of business taxation and corporate law litigation. He served as a lawyer for five years after which he left to join his current company Nabors Industries, in 1991. Despite switching careers twice, Petrello has never looked back since joining Nabors. He has worked for the company until now that he has gotten to the tip of the company’s administrative hierarchy. Anthony Petrello is a clear epitome of someone who believes in hard work and determination to get what he deserves.

Read More: www.houstonchronicle.com/business/steffy/article/Nabors-keeps-overpaying-CEO-4356088.php

Sheldon Lavin’s Journey to the Top

Mr. Sheldon Lavin aged 81, is the chief executive officer of OSI group. He held a degree in finance and accounting and is a philanthropist who has contributed to many charities. Sheldon started his career as a financial consultant and also invested in the banking industry. Later, Sheldon Lavin developed an interest in the meat industry in 1970, after he assisted in financing for Otto and Sons which is now called OSI industries. He is also the president of OSI International Foods and the General Trustee in the medical center of Rush University.

Otto Kolschowsky started a meat market in the United States two years after he arrived from Germany. Later, he expanded it into a wholesale business, and in 1928 he named the company Otto & Sons. The company was famous for providing quality meat. Otto & Sons, has done a lot of jobs including supplying beef to McDonald’s restaurants and processed meat to supermarkets.

In 1970, Otto and Sons Company was the supplier for hamburgers to McDonalds Corporation, but they had limited funds and were unable to secure it. Mr. Lavin was requested to be a business partner, but he declined the offer. Later, became a business partner with Otto’s sons after their father retired from the business, which led to the change of the company’s name to OSI Group in 1975.The company has spread to countries all over the world, with over sixty facilities in sixteen states and this has made it the most significant meat supplier in the world.

Sheldon Lavin always believed in making OSI Group a world-class company. This has been achieved by operating the business as a family. There is a dialogue between the top managers and other workers. The working environment is amicable, and the workers address one another using the first name which has strengthened the family perspective at the workplace.

Under the leadership of Mr. Lavin, OSI Group has received numerous awards. These include health management and safety risks award. In 2016, the British Safety Council awarded the OSI Food Solutions UK a prestigious prize, Globe of Honor, based on its strategies for environment risk management. Mr. Lavin has also received the Global Visionary Award as a person who has converted his dream into reality by working hard to achieve his objectives. He recognized the OSI group for its excellent work in cooking, processing and packaging solutions. Sheldon Lavin has a vision of increasing profits for the company and making it the best food company in the world.

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Equities first holding the Wikipedia

Finding a company to do business with this extremely hot things but that because are so many options out there and people do not know who is the best company to chose. This is why there are some companies out there with your LLCLLC is make sure that the apartments with all the customers by top-notch customer service to the customers because they are always linked to them. When is first holdings Limited LLC is a financial advisor from Elmers a while for a different financial guidance as to all their customers depending on their economic or financial needs and state of health. Whether you are a senior citizen for an older person with a kid who’s trying to go to college the company will give you the best financial advice to help serve your needs. The company of a stock options as long as small loans to give out to their customers.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Investments That Fund Hurricane Relief

Covet And Love These Investment Options

If you ever looked at precious metals and felt a sense of greed or charm, then welcome to the club. People aren’t attracted to gold and silver because they can buy things. We all have an innate gravitation to their shinning allure.

For this, many nations leveraged gold, silver and copper and as currencies for the globe. These three metals simply captivated all who saw them in the ancient world.

Today, a large U.S. agency helps us to invest in gold and silver.

This agency is the U.S. Money Reserve.

The firm is led by none other than Philip N. Diehl who also led the U.S. Mint and as president. His role lets the U.S. Reserve be a pioneer in precious metal trades.

The Passion That Only Precious Metals Instill

What the agency does best is trade on the demand for precious metals and on the markets today. PR Newswire revealed that the Money Reserve saw a passion for precious metals. It knew people would be gravitated to it in the future. As a result, the platform where gold, silver and platinum trade is sustained.

The agency is thus a leader is the bullion trade. Which is a great thing for investors like you and I.

The passion involved with collecting precious metals is one that also needs security along with it. Buy handling your accounts and with the U.S. Money Reserve, you ensure that your future value in gold is never compromised by fraud.

Don’t let passion alone lead you into spending money where you have no security. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-featured-on-epns-enterprise-radio-300213820.html

Let It Glisten In Your Hands What you’re looking for as an investor is safety.

You want to find the bullion of choice and then have it shipped to you but with safety.

This is also a fair proposition to make and for the precious metals you’re seeking. Every investor dreams of the day when they can hold the products and collectables they’ve studied so long for.

Working to get gold, silver or copper into your collection begins with finding the right distributor. Luckily, the precious metal market is one where your money is secure in a buy-back guarantee.

That option is also with the Money Reserve.

Omar Yunes Franchisee, Sushi Itto Wins the BFW Award

Sushi Itto won the 2015 edition of Best Franchisee of the World (BFW). The event took place in Florence, Italy, on December 5. Owned by Omar Yunes, Sushi Itto has a presence in the city of Mexico, Puebla, and Veracruz. Omar Yunes founded the franchise at the age of 21. Sushi Itto owns 13 Japanese food chain franchised units representing close to 10% of the total units.

The BFW event had representatives from across the globe including Hungary, France, Italy Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. The competition evaluated the franchisee and their contribution to the network. Assessed Aspects are like employees motivations, savings implemented, influence on the system as well as suggested improvements on the model.

Diego Elizarrarras, the Mexico BFW organizer, stated that Sushi Itto won as a result of its outstanding contribution to the relationship of franchising-franchise. Also, it won due to its better information management and implementation of control measures. Furthermore, it demonstrated that Mexican Franchises are now on the international level. Ivan Tamer’s Franchisee of Prendamex won the second position in the Mexican chapter. The recognition was due to provision and effecting of new marketing system which is currently managing the whole network of pawnshops.

Speaking at the event, Omar Yunes dedicated the win to the team of 400 committed employees. The brand CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo, the award was as a result of joint effort in extending excellent services, unusual flavor as well as unique hospitality to the customers. The Mexican Chapter jury composed representatives from Universidad Anahuac, the sectors entrepreneurs as well as the Mexican Association of Franchises.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a zealous Mexican entrepreneur. Omar Yunes is renowned for political involvement of his family in Mexico. His father, Miguel Angel Yunes is Panamanian politician. His interest in Sushi Itto from 2000 has seen his entrepreneurial presence expand to South America in cities of Panama, El Salvador and Honduras. Also, Omar Yunes has a significant interest in buying and selling of property. He has been to acquire high-value properties in the exclusive region of Polanco at the Federal District.


Nathaniel Ru Made Sweetgreen a Positive Opportunity

Since Nathaniel Ru first started Sweetgreen, he knew he was going to have an opportunity to be successful. He tried his best to make the industry better because of the things he knew how to do. He also did different things that helped him become a successful businessman.

From a college student to a business owner, Nathaniel Ru knew what he was doing. He had come a long way in the time he had been working on things and that is what made him the best that he could be. It was all part of the things he had done and the things he continued to do for the business.

Sweetgreen was the result of something that people had needed for years. College students needed to have a dining option that was convenient and affordable while also being as healthy as possible. This was hard for many companies to get right, but Nathaniel Ru felt he was doing it the right way.

As a college student, he had the viewpoint from which he believed this would work. It was what made him the best that he could be. He had tried to make something that people needed and he was successful.

Even when Nathaniel Ru was first starting out Sweetgreen, he was doing everything he could to make the business better. He had started it because of the things his friends and him needed. He wanted to be able to show them what they could get out of these situations so they would be more successful with eating healthy and having a more positive life.

He also wanted people to realize he was doing things so they would have a chance to have the healthiest faster food option available to them in the area they were in.

Nathaniel Ru wants everyone to do something that is going to last longer. This is the part about stability that he likes. He continues to do something that will be lasting since he knows it will only get better with time. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

He also wants other people to realize he is doing everything the right way on his own. It is what has given him the chance to do different things while also making his business better than it has ever been.

Nathaniel Ru knows that Sweetgreen is going to be a sustainable company because he does thing that actually last with everything he does.

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Jobs Report: Sweetgreen Co-Founder Jonathan Neman Lives the Sweet Life

What You Should Know About The New Pennsylvania Seat Belt Law

Karl Heideck’s specialization is in risk management, product litigation and compliance. His corporate law experiences make him an expert in this area. He discusses these matters on his blog.

Karl Heideck studied in Swarthmore College and Temple University. Over a decade of experience being a lawyer, he worked in different law firms.

On one of his most recent blog posts Karl Heideck discusses a law that was put into effect on August 2016. The law requires any child under the age of 2 to be in a rear-facing car seat.

The AA reported auto accidents as the leading cause for child injuries and deaths.

Police gave warnings the for a year to those who failed to comply. The goal of the new law is to lower child injuries and deaths. Police gave warnings the for a year to those who failed to comply. The goal of the new law is to lower child injuries and deaths.

Understanding laws and why they are into place are important. It is imperative to follow the laws. Not only will you stay out of trouble, you will keep you and your family safe. This law is a great example of that.

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The AA reported auto accidents as the leading cause for child injuries and deaths.

There have been numerous studies that support the motion that rear-facing car seats Karent Boback is a representative of Harvey’s Lake. She has been supportive of the law. The law states that it is mandatory all children below the age of 2 years old must be in a rear-facing car seat.

Violators of this law will be fined $125. Children ages 2 to 8 must be sitting a booster until they reach 4 feet 9 inches or 80 pounds. Volators of this rule will be fined $75.

It important to follow the proper seat belt guidelines. You can review those on the PennDot website.

You should also refer to the manufactures guidelines for proper installation. You should also watch for recalls. You can check for recalls online. Retailers also have recalls posted. Those are typically posted in the customer service area. There are inspection points available across the state. If your child is older than 8 years old, it is recommended that he or she sit in the back seat until they are a teenager. Knowing and understanding the laws will help insure public safety and help reduce the amount of tragedies.

Find more about Karl Heideck: http://lawyers.lawyerlegion.com/pennsylvania/karl-heideck-02002264

Ricardo Tosto, a Brilliant Brazilian Attorney

Ricardo Tosto is one of the greatest sons that Brazil has ever raised. He is a great lawyer having graduated from the Presbyterian University in Brazil. He is a great Brazilian scholar who has been respected for his efforts towards making Brazil laws and policies the most favorite and have equity and justice among them. He has been known for his entrepreneurial skills, legal experience and also being a philanthropic Brazilian. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Office of Leite. Tostos eBarros Advogados. He is a smart lawyer with strategic management skills that has led his company to be recognized across all Brazilian towns as the best. He works tirelessly towards ensuring that his clients become well advised when it comes to exhibiting justice.

Ricardo Tosto is a very famous academician and has been on the frontline crafting best policies that have shaped the laws of the United States. Ricardo has a vast range of experience in criminal law, business law, mergers & acquisitions, business criminal laws, banking, commercial law, credit restructuring and debt laws. Before he joined Leite Tostos eBarros Advogados, he has a previous work experience in other industries like the famous Grupo Rede and it is a famous Brazilian based company. He has also worked in the legal management team and the HR departments. He also worked as the director of the famous Fundacao Rede de Previdencia Privada to learn more about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ricardo-tosto#/entity click here.

Ricardo Tosto has also won several awards in the legal industry and has been in a position to help so many people achieve. He was also nominated by an organization called Who’s Who and they recognized him as one of the best lawyers Brazil has. He has perfectly represented his clients in the industry and has worked tirelessly towards making them achieve better and has also been advising them before undertaking some projects. His expertise has also been recognized by an organization called Legal 500. He is also an author and has published several books that have made him more famous and recognized by Brazilian lawyers. He has also represented several companies in various areas and has really made them proud through his own law firm.