Dr. Rod Rohrich will Show His Skill to All in 2018 Symposiums

Medical Time Daily recently interview world-renown plastic surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich, about the symposiums that he will attend and speak at in 2018. In February, Dr. Rohrich will be at the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium in Miami, Florida. He will also attend the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting from February 28-March 3, 2018. Dr. Rohrich will present at both symposiums and will be available to medical professionals to bounce information off of him. He is the organizer and chairman of both meetings and will perform live surgery at the Miami event. This will be a great opportunity to see one of the greatest plastic surgeons perform surgery, an unprecedented event that is a must-see.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who is considered as an expert in the field of reconstructive surgery. he is employed by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas as the Distinguished Professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery. He has written and contributed to numerous publications in the field of plastic surgery. He is also board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, winning numerous awards such as the Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery from 1992-2014 and the Betty Warren Wooden Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from 1999-2014.

Dr. Rohrich did his undergraduate work at North Dakota State University and postgraduate work at the University of North Dakota. He attended medical school at Baylor School of Medicine, where he graduated with honors. He then completed two residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center and received specialized training in plastic surgery from Oxford University in England. He contributed to over 600 different peer-reviewed articles in the field of plastic surgery over the past 30 years and continues to be on the leading edge of plastic surgery well into the 21st Century.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drrodrohrich?lang=en

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