Desiree Perez: A powerful force in the music industry.

1) It is said that behind every great man there is a woman. In the case of Jay-Z’s success in music industry that could not be truer. Business Genius Desiree Perez has dedicated her career to creating a name for herself that can elevate the success of any company she runs. The transition from rapper to music titan was a complicated and treacherous journey for Jay-Z which has paid off in spades. According to many insiders, this hard-won success wouldn’t have been possible with Perez’s key guidance in leadership roles such as filling the position of the Chief Operating Officer at ROC Nation. Her influence on the success of not only Jay-Z’s business holdings but many noteworthy performers, such as Rihanna, is acredited to her ability to work in the background happily ensuring success of a project.

Perez’s talents do not end at managing small details however, she has earned a reputation of a fierce negotiator and rarely leaves boardroom unshaken. For example, when helping now close friend Rhianna with her Anti tour, Perez was able to work with Samsung and ensure $25 million dollars in promotions. These promotions not only brought fans to show but elevated Rhianna’s status as a performer.

Going forward Rhianna has achieved a new level of success in part thanks to Perez’s efforts. This ability has also lead to her reputation of being instrumental in the success of Jay-Z’s empire. Perez has been instrumental in negotiations such as those with live nation, a massive deal worth at least 150 million. Roc nation was established in 2008 and since then it has gone on to become a leader in the industry. It achieves that through versatility, fulfilling roles such as helping recording artist, producers, and songwriters.

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