Moving Forward with Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur and co-founder of a company called Tempus. He has also co-founded other companies like Groupon and Lightbank. He has become one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the modern age.

Eric Lefkofsky has tried many different jobs over the years and none has given him the satisfaction that Tempus has. He co-founded many different ventures like InnerWorkings which was a print procurement company, MediaBank which was a media buying tech firm, and one of the most widely known companies in the world today known as Groupon. It is an online company that helps save people money. He stepped down as CEO of that company in 2015 in order to focus his attention on his latest venture Tempus.

Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2016. It is a high tech firm that hopes to quicken the process in a cure for cancer. He has put millions of dollars into research in hopes of one day beating this disease.For one type of cancer, there may be some new information on a person’s susceptibility to being diagnosed with lung cancer.

According to the Dartmouth study, there are many factors that can contribute to a person being diagnosed with lung cancer. A few of these factors are the environment the person is in and genetic predisposition to the disease are well known. The study found that there are three variations in a person’s DNA that can contribute to some getting diagnosed with the disease. The study only took a look at Caucasians and more work needs to be done in this particular area.

A study like this could go a long way in taking the necessary steps to beat any type of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky’s firm Tempus is a high-tech company that helps doctors with the research needed to beat any and every type of cancer.

Tempus is a company that is on the leading edge of cancer research. This is a company that takes in large amounts of genome data in order to make a clients cancer treatment easier. The company is currently working on different types of cancer like lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. Eric Lefkofsky is determined to move forward on the technological front when it comes to finding the best way to tackle the cancers of today. With the help of the Dartmouth study, Eric Lefkofsky may be one step closer to the final solution.

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Anthony Petrello- President and CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is a business executive in Texas, United States. Many know his as the best paid CEO in the country. As a business leader, he has been in the drilling industry for more than two decades. He is, therefore, an experienced manager who is doing very well in supporting the economy of the United States. He leads one of the companies that have generated huge job opportunities for people in the country. Being a drilling and mining industry, most of the people who work in this industry enjoy very good wages. Anthony Petrello has contributed to the expansion of the business which has, in turn, led to growth in the number of job opportunities that are available in the country.

Anthony Petrello was born in Newark in New Jersey. He was born in a humble familiar that did not have the luxuries of life. He went to a public school. Despite all the challenges that he went through in his early life he never gave up on working hard. He is one of the people who learned the value of working hard at very young age. In the community that he was raised up in, working hard was one of the principles that were inculcated in the minds of children as they grew up. As he grew up, he knew that there was a no possibility of getting wealth through shortcuts.

Anthony Petrello being a brilliant mind was awarded a scholarship to study at one of the prestigious universities in the country, Yale University. He was study mathematics. He graduated from the university with masters in mathematics. He then went to the Harvard Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor. He was determined to work as a lawyer and just after graduating from the law school, he joined a law firm in New York where he worked for a few years before he left to join Nabors Industries.

Anthony Petrello has another face. He is a philanthropist who has contributed greatly to the attainment of the first neurological center in Texas that deals with disorders for children. The neurological center is located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony Petrello has been a big contributor to this initiative. This is an initiative that he holds dearly to his heart since it is one that will help his own daughter who is suffering from a neurological disorder. He has contributed over $5 million to support this initiative. He hopes that the doctors and surgeons employed will finally make a breakthrough in the treatment of neurological disorders in children.

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Securus Technologies, Leading by Example and Innovation

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas is a telecommunications company connecting inmates with their loved ones. They have been in the business since 1986, and have made great advances in the way correctional facilities handle their communications and financial services needs. The company offers a variety of services including regular and video calling, inmate voicemail, prepaid debit cards and services to help put money on an inmates financial account to purchase commissary items.


Securus Technologies has also assisted in monitoring calls and inside the facilities as well. This benefits everyone by increasing safety and security of the facility. Several crimes both internally and even with facility staff have been successfully prosecuted via the monitoring services. Both the inmates’ families and correctional facility employees have expressed their gratitude for the evidence that otherwise would’ve been difficult, if not impossible to obtain.


The company has committed itself to improving customer service as well as technology to help keep everyone safe and in touch. The company provides services for well over 1 million inmates nationwide for several thousand correctional facilities. It even goes beyond the facilities by offering technology to monitor those on house arrest, community control, and similar programs.


The company has also recently been given the highest rating as an “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. The company also has received high customer satisfaction scores and prides itself on being able to resolve most issues within a single telephone call. This is a challenge for nearly any company, and especially one for this sort of business. Emotions and stress are among the challenges that come along with the challenge, however, Securus Technologies seems to break through with great assistance and reasonable resolutions. Going the extra mile by investing in people as well as technology is what is putting Securus Technologies as one of the highest ranking providers around.


Tips For Preparing For A Life Line Screening

A Life Line Screening is a procedure with exams such as blood tests and ultrasounds. It takes place at a local facility with experienced healthcare professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and privacy screens.

The screening is necessary for identifying medical conditions that may not have shown up during your annual physical.

Are you feeling nervous about your first Life Line Screening? You can calm your nerves by preparing for your appointment in advance. It gives you an idea of what to expect before and during the procedure. Use the following tips to start preparing for your Life Line Screening.

Register For Your Screening

You can register for your screening through the official Life Line Screening website. The website allows you to select a location and schedule your screening at a nearby facility. You are able to select the tests for your appointment, from a complete lipid panel to a carotid artery disease screening. Keep in mind that every procedure starts with a finger stick blood test, and your healthcare professional also records your vital signs. When you register, you also receive information for every screening in your procedure.


Prepare Your Wardrobe For Your Screening

There are certain items of clothing you should and should not wear during specific tests. Wearing a two-piece outfit of loose clothing and shoes and socks that are easily removed is a safe option for any procedure. You may be asked to wear a short-sleeved shirt or shirt with an open collar for your screening. It is best to leave your pantyhose, jewelry, watch, oil and lotion at home.

Learn The Rules of Fasting Before Your Screening

It is important to learn the rules of fasting for each screening, especially since the rules may vary per test. You need to fast for 12 hours before a glucose screening, but you only need to fast for four hours before an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. If you are being tested for elevated liver enzymes, you do not need to do anything before this screening.

Discuss Your Medication Prior To Your Screening

You should always discuss your prescription medication with your healthcare professional prior your screening. You may even receive the information before your appointment. It is also important to make sure you do not have to change your diabetic care plan before your screening.

If you prepare for your Life Line Screening in advance, you can get through this procedure without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

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Jim Larkin; the figure behind the modern labor unions in Ireland

The modern labor movement came to life in the 1900s when Jim Larkin founded ITGWU. At this time, less than 10 percent of workers in Ireland belonged to a labor union. The movements that were there at the time fought for political causes and neglected the ailing workforce.

The few labor unions that existed at the time were British-based and never fought for Ireland’s workforce. As a result, activists in Dublin felt left out by the British based unions and decided to form their own workers’ unions.

They formed the National Union of Dock Laborers with the main aim of fighting for equal rights and fair treatment of the workers by the employees. Jim Larkin was an official at the NUDL, and he actively advocated for the labor union to be international. In 1906, the labor union successfully organized workers strike and the penetrated into Ireland the following year.

Upon their arrival in Belfast, the union organized another strike that would see their members receive better treatment and better pay from their employees. The strike was going on well until NUDL officials decided to go behind Jim’s back to sign a deal with the business owners.

He was infuriated by this action and decided to form another labor movement where he would be the leader. He named the new labor union as Irish Transport & General Workers Union (ITGWU).

Jim Larkin strongly identified the new movement with the Irish-Ireland Movement. He went ahead to make republicanism a force in the union. Jim was determined to make ITGWU an industrial Unionism where he could accommodate all workers from different sectors.

In mid 1911, Jim Larkin’s leadership at ITGWU faced a lot of challenges. Initially, he found it hard to trust to trust other union officials especially after he was betrayed by other officials at NUDL. Some of the officials found it difficult to work with him and therefore faced some resistance from the officials of the movement.

At this time, Jim Larkin needed money to fund the operations of the ITGWU, but it wasn’t forthcoming. Rather than engaging in expensive strikes, Jim decided to use another route to achieve his mission. He established the ITGWU headquarters at Liberty Hall that was a social center and a cultural powerhouse. He then founded the crusading paper dubbed the Irish worker that he would use to spread his message to the world.

The Irish Worker was a phenomenal success, and it showcased Jim Larkin’s skills as a talented editor. In the same year, there was the ‘Great labor Unrest’ that originated from Britain and spread to Ireland.

ITGWU was engulfed in the conflict, and Jim Larkin swung into action. ITGWU membership grew from about five thousand to fifteen thousand in just a few weeks. ITGWU made significant moves that made the Congress aestablish the Labor Party.

ITGWU’s glory came to a sudden halt in the 1913 lockout. Jim Larkin wanted to expand ITGWU’s scope to include other employment sectors such as the Dublin trams. William Martin Murphy, a conservative opposed the idea and decided to fight Jim’s proposition.

A war between 404 employers and more than 20000 employees began that lasted close to one year. This brought Jim Larkin into the international limelight where he was recognized as a labor champion.

A Closer Look at Betsy DeVos’ Massive Contributions to Educational Causes and other Philanthropic Programs

Betsy DeVos and her husband political donations have received a lot of media attention in the recent years. However, these grants are not much compared to their lifetime philanthropic donations that amount to $139 million. She currently serves as the U.S. Education Secretary.


Betsy DeVos’ role in philanthropy


Betsy DeVos charitable donations became public when she was being vetted for the office of the United States Education Secretary. This professional has been on the forefront in supporting education reforms and funding charities that seek to help children acquire access to better learning facilities. Betsy DeVos hails from West Michigan where she currently lives with her family. 2015 marks the year that she supported numerous causes. Betsy DeVos and her husband donated $11.6 million, which was allocated to various charities. The DeVos’ Family Foundation is the organization that awards funds to non-profit agencies on behalf of this couple. Betsy and her husband have been key players in the Republican politics. Their family’s involvement with this party goes back a couple of decades ago. DeVos’ dad and the founder of Amway Corporation is the backbone of the DeVos’ charitable giving. This family was named position 24th among America’s top givers by the Forbes Magazine. According to the DeVos, their lifetime donations amount to $1.33 billion, which is a quarter of their wealth. Betsy DeVos’ side of the family has also been instrumental in donating to the less fortunate. Her father Edgar Prince was a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Education has always been the top priority for Betsy. In 2015, she made sure that this docket was given a quarter of the total donation. She also awarded $357,000 to various organizations that share her sentiment when it comes to academic reforms. Betsy’s love for education comes from her desire of ensuring equality in the education system. She believes that all children, rich or poor, require access to better schools. This conviction has seen her co-establish learning facilities such as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school offers aviation studies to students, and it has provided licenses to more than 15 pilots ever since it was set up. Betsy also supports other core issues such as arts and culture. For years, she has continued to fund this cause with the aim of nurturing talents. She also donates to health centers such as the Helen DeVos’ Children’s Hospital, a clinic that cares for children with brain cancer.


Betsy DeVos helps the society without expecting anything in return. Her greatest joy is to see the results of the programs she helped set up. This aspect is what makes Betsy DeVos unique. According to Betsy, she has been able to finance these philanthropic causes due to the support she gets from her husband.


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