US Health Group CEO Troy McQuagge awarded gold at the Planet one Business Professional Awards

One of the annual award events that have been gaining a lot of popularity is the Planet One Business Professional Awards. In the awards that were held last month, many business leaders, companies and other business entities were awarded for different achievements. One of the people that won big at the award ceremony was Troy McQuagge. He was awarded the winning prize for the CEO of the year award.

This is an award that Troy absolutely deserves. He has been serving as the CEO to the US Health Group for three years. In the time that he has held this position, he has managed to streamline all the operations of the group and make their service delivery a more organized venture. When he got the first appointment at the company, the first task that he took up was creating a redistribution agency for the company. This reorganized the national functions of the group and their operations became so streamlined that two years later, he was appointed to take up the post of CEO. He has been building the success of the group from one level to the next.

The awards are normally organized to recognize the individuals, businesses that are either profit or non-profit, public and private companies that have been doing extraordinary work in their field. When speaking about the achievement, Troy said that it was an indication that the Group was headed in the right direction. He stated that despite the rough patches, the company was doing their best to make it through.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy has been working with the US Health Group for the past seven years, four of which he has taken up the role of Chief Executive Officer. He has three decades of experience in managed health care service provision. During his tenure at the top, he has really transformed the manner in which the company does their business. He offers a great example for all the other business leaders to follow and is a true inspiration to people in the business circles and beyond. The US Health Group is a better place because of his leadership.

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