US Health Group CEO Troy McQuagge awarded gold at the Planet one Business Professional Awards

One of the annual award events that have been gaining a lot of popularity is the Planet One Business Professional Awards. In the awards that were held last month, many business leaders, companies and other business entities were awarded for different achievements. One of the people that won big at the award ceremony was Troy McQuagge. He was awarded the winning prize for the CEO of the year award.

This is an award that Troy absolutely deserves. He has been serving as the CEO to the US Health Group for three years. In the time that he has held this position, he has managed to streamline all the operations of the group and make their service delivery a more organized venture. When he got the first appointment at the company, the first task that he took up was creating a redistribution agency for the company. This reorganized the national functions of the group and their operations became so streamlined that two years later, he was appointed to take up the post of CEO. He has been building the success of the group from one level to the next.

The awards are normally organized to recognize the individuals, businesses that are either profit or non-profit, public and private companies that have been doing extraordinary work in their field. When speaking about the achievement, Troy said that it was an indication that the Group was headed in the right direction. He stated that despite the rough patches, the company was doing their best to make it through.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy has been working with the US Health Group for the past seven years, four of which he has taken up the role of Chief Executive Officer. He has three decades of experience in managed health care service provision. During his tenure at the top, he has really transformed the manner in which the company does their business. He offers a great example for all the other business leaders to follow and is a true inspiration to people in the business circles and beyond. The US Health Group is a better place because of his leadership.

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Timothy D. Armour, Investment Professional With A Different Tactic In The Field

Mr. Buffet’s thoughts lead to the conclusion that investors have been shortchanged for far too long by expensive funds. He, Mr. Warren Buffet, believes and practices the simple investment strategy of building up one’s investment portfolio by the bottom-up approach. Decades-long application of this approach have paid off and reinforced on the thought that Americans need to save and invest more for their retirement.

In an analysis of Mr. Warren Buffet’s tactic in investing, one ought to look at the long-term returns of their investments generated and not purely rely on whether the investment is passive or active. This is so when one considers that several mutual funds offer poor returns on the long-term investments. As a second consideration, most individuals ride on the belief that passive index income is a safer bet to a fulfilling retirement. However, such incomes are not cushioned against market dynamics leaving investors exposed to the effects of a market downturn.

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As an advice to investors, focusing on doing better against the market trend is a goal whose returns are rewarding. Finally, on selecting fund managers, individuals should consider selecting firms with a high ownership by the managers as well as their low expense policy. These are some of the insights Tim Armour considers as worthwhile conversation points in returning value to the individual American investor.

Timothy D. Armour, popularly known as Tim Armour, is a portfolio manager and offers financial advice to active and potential investors. His 34 years of experience in investing has propelled him to the position of chairperson and Chief Executive officer at Capital Group. He heads the management committee in the same company. Tim’s life in the financial world traces its origin from Middlebury College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in the field of economics. As a key contributor in Capital Group’s associate program, Tim built his wealth of knowledge in investments working his way to head the firm. His approach to investment is one to always look out for.

Who is Todd Lubar?

The real estate and financial industries are one of the most competitive industries in the world. To succeed in these two industries, it requires an innovative mind shaped by a good education to know the ins and outs. Todd Lubar specializes with these two industries and has proven to be very successful. But how did he get here? To become the man he is today, Todd Lubar attended the best and the finest schools in the United States. For instance, Todd Lubar is a product of Sidwell Friends School located in Washington DC. Later on, he went to another school in New Jersey called the Peddie School, Hightstown. He is also a product of Syracuse University and holds a degree in speech communication from this institution. Todd Lubar finished his education in the year 1995.

Outside of business and entrepreneurship, Todd Lubar lives a normal life. He is a family man and blessed with two kids. He is currently living in Bethesda, Maryland. Among his lifelong hobbies is golfing and traveling. For this reason, Todd Lubar is a frequent visitor to the Orange County in California. Speaking on a personal basis, Todd Lubar expresses his passion to better himself and the people around him. He can be described as a dreamer, hard worker, and an enthusiast.

Todd Lubar has been in the industry for long to realize the dangers that can result from investing in one business. After the 2008 economic recession in the United States, Todd decided to invest in other ventures other than the financial and real estate industries. This led him to the demolition industry and the night club industry. With the demolition company, he has managed to land big contracts due to his connections, and this has acted as a source of revenue for him.

Todd Lubar has managed to establish companies of his own rather than to work for others. Some of these firms include Legendary Financial LLC and Charter Funding. He still acts as the chief executive officer of these companies and is involved in the day to day operation. Before establishing his companies, he used to work for Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. For more info, visit


Roberto Santiago Brazil

The economy of Brazil is growing rapidly. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are taking place. Not only are a lot of homes being built, but new companies are starting up as well. Roberto Santiago is one of the leading business owners in the country today. He owns a large shopping mall, and this is a great industry to be in right now. Many people in Brazil are starting to make enough money where they can start to spend money on luxuries. As the economy of Brazil continues to improve, this is an industry that will continue to increase. Roberto Santiago is the perfect type of person to look up to if you want to excel in business.

Roberto Santiago

When he first started in business, Roberto Santiago did not have a good experience. His first business idea failed, but he did not give up and kept going. A lot of people look up to his persistence in having some success in business. If you are ready to start investing for the future, now is the time to do so. A lot of workers love to work with his company. Not only that, but he is starting to think about ways in which he can invest in the local community. With his success in business, he wants to use some of his resources to start helping others. A lot of people really appreciate this approach that he takes to helping others in life. Read more on

Giving Back

With all of the growth in Brazil, there are still a lot of people who do not have access to basic resources and needs. Roberto Santiago is the type of person who is always willing to give time and money to help others. If you are ready to work with someone who is making an impact on the world, he is the type of person you should work with. He truly cares about others and he is always willing to help people get there if they will work for it. If you want to start investing for the future, Roberto Santiago can help you in that area as well. There are a lot of people who look up to the work that he is doing in this industry. A lot of people are ready to start investing in his business, and he really wants to help get Brazil to a new level.

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