U.S. Money Reserve Launches New Must See Website And Catalogue.


Just turn on any television news station or read the current events of the world and you are bound to see that the world economy could be headed for some serious issues. People who specialize in global financial affairs are telling everyone to take stock in gold and silver. What they are not telling you is that these are just two of the metals that are of the highest value. Another thing that is left out of the advice is how to get started with gold and silver. Lucky for all of us, there is U.S. Money Reserve and their easy to use website and catalogue.


If you don’t already know it, U.S. Money Reserve is a true leader in gold, silver and other forms of precious metals. The President of the company is named Philip N. Diehl. If you think that name rings a bell, you are correct, Philip is a former director of the U.S. Mint. He knows his money and precious metals. As President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip and his staff wanted to make their website more modern and user friendly. They have done that and also made the catalogue e-commerce friendly too. Let’s face it, gone are the days of sending snail mail and printing ads in newspapers. Today, everything is online and with this new website, U.S. Money Reserve is helping to meet the demand of precious metal and coin collectors everywhere.


The new website allows the company to showcase the finest products but, it also allows customer education and helps the company show off the highest quality information on all of the platforms available. The online storefront is secure and that means you can rest assured that your purchase and data is safe during any transaction. Ryan Buchanan is the person who oversaw the website’s redesign and helped to implement several new apps. This was done to make it an easier process on the customers. As one of the nation’s largest private distributors of U.S. government issued gold, silver and platinum products, the company takes pride in what they do and the level of excellence they provide their customer with.


By enriching the website and catalogue, the whole experience is made better for the customer.It also gives them the knowledge of the U.S. Money Reserve team that has everything from coin research to experts with market knowledge of both buyers and sellers. As a result, the customer will always have access to the finest products in the precious metals industry which go above and beyond the industry standards. It is important to keep in mind that the website was built for everyone to use, so, we encourage you to go take a look at the all new U.S. Money Reserve website and catalogue today.

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Doe Deere Makes Serious Moves In the Makeup Industry

Doe Deere was raised in New York City, but born in Russia. She is most well-known as the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere has made it her mission to prove that makeup doesn’t only serve a concealer for women, but an expression of freedom and creativity.


Doe doesn’t define beauty as what looks familiar or is natural, Instead, she shares that beauty is whatever feels right at the moment. This is the mindset that lead her to develop and launch Lime Crime in 2008. The company not only offers bright, vivid colors in eye shadow and lipstick, but all of the products are vegan and cruelty-free. Before this, Doe Deere started her makeup company online in 2004 on Ebay, and would later develop the company into a well-known brand.


Doe Deere came up with the name for her business based on her favorite color. She also wanted to make cosmetics that were so eye-catching that wearing them should be illegal! Deere started out small and decided that she would be successful on her own terms, and she shares her expertise and experience with female entrepreneurs all around the world. In addition to connecting with her fans via social media, Doe Deere has also been a speaker at events like Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo.


Doe Deere encourages businesswomen to go after their dreams without being afraid of what others think. She says that entrepreneurs have to follow their intuition and act on an idea with confidence. After all, a great idea could turn into a lucrative business. When Deere started out, people told her that it was unlikely that women would buy lipstick online without being able to try it first. However, Doe Deere’s company is one of the first to offer online color swatches to give women an accurate idea of how the makeup will look before purchase. The lipstick is also modeled on Doe Deere’s lips on the website. Deere also says that it’s important to make customers feel special, and she’s learned to continue developing her customer service department to ensure that customers feel as though their voices are heard.

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Spring is the Time for Hiking and Biking


Spring is only a couple of months away, and it is time to begin thinking of getting out and enjoying nature again. Two great ways to enjoy nature is to engage in the sports of hiking and biking.

If you are in the market for some of the best BMX bikes, or backpack this year, then read on to discover some of the top ones for 2017. One of the first ones is the Diamondback Grind Pro 20” BMX bike. This bike has the look of the high-end bike but only has a single speed drivetrain and a three piece cromly cranks.

For the little tykes, the SE Lil Ripper 16 BMX bike offers a classic loop tail rear end, three piece cranks. A sealed bottom bracket and alloy pedals. The best thing is it only weighs 18.7 lbs.

Next up for your hiking needs is deciding which backpack is right for you. Decide between the Picnic Ascot in the Diamond Collection. This pack can hold up to 22 cans of your favorite beverage, and it has shoulder straps or a handle. Carry this with ease.

If you prefer more style in your backpack, then consider the Pismo Insulated Cooler Backpack, which is one of the best briefcase brands. This piece offers dual internal compartments and exterior cargo space.

No matter which BMX bike or cooler you decide you can rest well in knowing that the excitement of biking and hiking in nature is just a few short months away.  Just grab your favorite old soda brands, and you’re going to be having a good ass time.

Better Betting Odds with Covers

When it comes down to the buzz beater games there is a March Madness crowd that goes crazy every time that a Cinderella team beats a top seed. I know that this messes up brackets everywhere, but somewhere in the world there are people like me that are rejoicing. We are the happy ones that took a leap of faith after seeing the Marching Madness odds on Covers. I have placed a lot of bets over time, and I have realized that the best games are typically the ones where I have gone with the odds that I saw listed on Covers.

I really have no idea how anyone else would be able to make bets for March Madness. I love basketball, and I watch the games very closely, but I have realized that there is no way to win without actually getting some type of information on odds. There are too many teams and too many upsets for people to even consider betting without having some type of knowledge on previous matchups or March Madness odds. It is good to have the knowledge about the games that have been played in the past. It doesn’t always make sense to rely solely on these statistics because seniors from last year are no longer playing, but it is still quite helpful to have these types of results.

I am impressed with what Covers has done to help people that are betting with making better decisions. I really do believe that there are a lot of people that are placing bets that are going to look at Covers and analyze the stats that are available here. I have a system where I look at what is happening on Covers with the March Madness odds and I place 5 bets based on the odds that are available on the website. I place another 5 bets based on my gut feelings. Somehow I always win more with the number of bets that are based on the information I receive from Covers. I don’t know how it happens, but the betting odds are just a lot more favorable for winning than my guy intuition could ever be. It is a good feeling to have a website like Covers because it allows me to make bets that are a lot more profitable. I really feel good about placing my bets on the Covers website.