Securus Technologies Rated A+ By Better Business Bureau

Recently Securus Technologies has received their A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Not only did Securus receive the rating, but they worked in conjunction with the BBB to make sure that Securus Technologies also received it’s BBB accreditation


This is not a mandatory process. Any business can obtain accreditation by meeting the standards of the BBB which are:

Building Trust In Clients and Coworkers.

Establish and Advertise Honesty

Tell the Truth In the Offering of Services and Products

Be Transparent Showing Policies and Standards

Honor Promises: Written and Verbal

Be Responsive To Questions and Complaints

Safeguard Privacy: The Clients and Company’s

Embody Integrity in All Dealings

This accreditation means a great deal to Securus in the terms of what they say and the statements they issue as the BBB accreditation strengthens the integrity of the whole company.

In addition to the BBB accreditation, Securus has built a 220 seat in house call center designed to increase customer satisfaction by offering the company more control over how customer interactions are handled. Securus has implemented the BBB standards with their staff and as a result have seen a 99% call resolution of customer concerns on the first interaction. Securus is committed to offering the best in inmate communications services.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, and has become one of the largest inmate communications company’s in the nation. Securus services over 3400 facilities, 1,200,000 inmates and offers emergency response, biometric analysis, information management, investigation, incident management, and inmate self service.


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