Geoffrey Cone Warns Against New Zealand


For Geoffrey Cone, New Zealand is a great place. It is filled with friendly people, quirky styles and a laid back attitude. It has beautiful beaches as well as lush countryside. He knows that it is one of the best places in the world to live but he also knows that many people are going there for the wrong reason and that they are becoming disappointed with the results that they get from the country. It is not a tax-free country and people are getting mad about that because they thought that it was.

What would lead people to think that it is tax-free? Recent news and blog articles have come out about the country that tout it as one of the best places to live because people don’t have to pay taxes. While they may be able to benefit from the atmosphere of New Zealand, they do still need to pay taxes. The articles are wrong and the information that has been given out about this is actually hurting the economy of New Zealand and the people who lived there before it was listed as one of those countries by misinformed blog articles.

There are many reasons why Geoffrey Cone wants people to stop moving to New Zealand because of taxes. The first of these reasons is that they are disappointed. The second is that the influx of people is hurting the economy. It is not structurally sound enough to withstand all of the people who move there and it is becoming a huge problem for the country and the people who live there as well as the government that tries to reign all of it in with the different options for expats who were expecting something different of the country.

One thing that Geoffrey Cone does suggest to do is check the list of all of the countries that do not require people to pay taxes. He thinks that the list is comprehensive and includes information about what, if any, taxes are there and what people can expect to pay in each of the countries. It is his job to make sure that expats know what they are getting themselves into and what they are going to be able to expect once they get to the country. This is something that he fights hard to make sure of with all of his clients.

His clients are the people who are moving to different countries. He is a global lawyer who works hard to help each client that he has. As a global attorney, he is able to help people have a better understanding for what they are going to do when they get to the country. Before that, he helps them make the decision of which country would be best for them. He suggests tax-free countries only to people who make a lot of money and would be hurt by high taxes or would end up losing a lot of their income as a result of paying taxes.

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