The Success of Mike Baur and His Passion to Teach the World

If you study business then you have no doubt come across the name of Mike Baur and his Swiss Startup Factory. The name comes from the concept, which is to help entrepreneur launch their startups. Baur is known for his position as the co-founder and managing partner of this organization, as well as his position as a speaker in the World Web Forum. These two mean much success, and they also define greatly what Mike Baur is all about. He is not just successful, but he is using what has made him successful and he is teaching others to duplicate what he has been doing for years.


 Baur isn’t alone in his endeavor because he chose only the top investors and entrepreneurs to join him on the quest to improve the world around him. Baur’s passion is to teach entrepreneurs how to be the best and perform at the top of their game. That is what he is committed to with the Swiss Startup Factory. His ability to mentor others is ideal, in that he is noted as becoming the dropout turned success story with his company.


One of the notable recruits that Baur grabbed was Michael Hartweg. Baur has recruited Hartweg to work alongside him with the Swiss Startup Factory, although he is a dropout from Fintech. Having worked as a banker previously, Baur learned what it takes to be financially successful as well as can damage your ability to be financially successful.


There are select startups that the two have chosen to work with, and Hartweg is able to offer up his expertise in this area. The two ex-bankers will work together to not only give entrepreneurs guidance but they will also help these young entrepreneurs find the funding they need to get their business started right. The accelerator program was launched and is already under way, helping the newest businesses find their footing and launch into the business world full speed ahead.


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