Don Ressler Changes Workout Clothing with Partners Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg

Don Ressler may not be known by many people that shop for clothes on the Fabletics or JustFab websites. After all, Kate Hudson is the face of this brand. Ressler, along with partner Adam Goldenberg, are the ones that have stayed in the background as co-founders of JustFab. They have worked along with Kate Hudson to carefully craft an athletic clothing brand that could meet the challenges that many women face.

Ressler has been a partner with Goldenberg for years. These two have started some of the biggest online stores for women over the last several years. Their success appears to be fueled by their ability to work together. Don Ressler has a lot of business experience. It has been said that Ressler knows how to spot trends. He has also been able to start some other trends along the way. There is no shortage of innovation when it comes to companies that he has launched with Goldenberg. Including Hudson into the mix would be the first time that these two partners would veer away from this success as a duo . It was a risk to take, but they knew that it would take a woman to present clothes that women where putting on their bodies for working out.

With JustFab Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg would call in Kimora Lee. She was at the top as the face of the brand, but she was not a co-founder the way that Kate Hudson is. The difference with the Fabletics brand is that there is a lot of input from Kate. Don knew that this would be significant because she was already a figure that was in the public eye. She had a presence with a lot of females because she was already in movies. The thing that made Hudson marketable was the fact that she was already in great shape. This would prove to be the thing that would help the company. She would mold herself into the person that could help Don Ressler learn more about what he didn’t know about. By the same token, Ressler could help Hudson understand what the subscription service business was like.

Ressler, Goldenberg and Hudson have proven that they can work well together. Don Ressler has a lengthy resume that suggests that this is just the beginning. His ability to stay on top of trends will give him many opportunities to build more businesses.

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