Wengie and Max Best YouTube Couple Ever: Fire Noodle Ramen Challenge

If you don’t know Wengie and Max, then you don’t know YouTube. Everyone adores this super cute couple and the famous Wengie vlogs.

Today, we’re looking at the awesome “Fire Noodle Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge.”

This is South Korea’s spiciest instant noodles and a wonderful budget-friendly meal if you like things super hot! Wengie and Max are ready to see who best can stand the heat in the kitchen, even though they are dining in the den. Cat Mia loves the aroma and is trying to see what the cuisine is all about.

Wengie gets a large glass of water by her side and one for Max, just in case they can’t hack it. They swear the H2O will be used only as a last resort.

“Please, Lord have mercy on my soul,” Max exclaims, as he’s ready to sample a big forkful of the insanely spicy noodles.

Max likes the bite and claims “It kinda hits you,” while Wengie secretly and playfully tosses the food back into her bowl, never swallowing much of any of her fire noodles at first.

Then Wengie gets serious and begins taking big bites of the noodles, plowing through her portion, while Max takes a break, trying to catch his breath, which is suddenly on fire.

Wengie’s nose begins running, and she’s feeling the burn down her esophagus; even her stomach feels cold as the food makes it way down. The couple keeps chowing down, but it’s painful to actually get through, Wengie remarks.

Max and Wengie are trying hard to finish the entire bowl of fire noodle ramen. Wengie is happy she wore all black, while Max wore a white tee shirt. Fortunately, he didn’t drop a morsel of the fire engine red noodles on himself.

Both reach for their water at the end and can’t stop giggling after the spicy noodle challenge. Even Max’s eyes were watering after ingesting the hot chilis at the bottom of his bowl.

Wengie and Max are so sweet and loving, and their lifestyle vlogs are addictive to watch. They are the cutest couple ever!


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