The Success of Mike Baur and His Passion to Teach the World

If you study business then you have no doubt come across the name of Mike Baur and his Swiss Startup Factory. The name comes from the concept, which is to help entrepreneur launch their startups. Baur is known for his position as the co-founder and managing partner of this organization, as well as his position as a speaker in the World Web Forum. These two mean much success, and they also define greatly what Mike Baur is all about. He is not just successful, but he is using what has made him successful and he is teaching others to duplicate what he has been doing for years.


 Baur isn’t alone in his endeavor because he chose only the top investors and entrepreneurs to join him on the quest to improve the world around him. Baur’s passion is to teach entrepreneurs how to be the best and perform at the top of their game. That is what he is committed to with the Swiss Startup Factory. His ability to mentor others is ideal, in that he is noted as becoming the dropout turned success story with his company.


One of the notable recruits that Baur grabbed was Michael Hartweg. Baur has recruited Hartweg to work alongside him with the Swiss Startup Factory, although he is a dropout from Fintech. Having worked as a banker previously, Baur learned what it takes to be financially successful as well as can damage your ability to be financially successful.


There are select startups that the two have chosen to work with, and Hartweg is able to offer up his expertise in this area. The two ex-bankers will work together to not only give entrepreneurs guidance but they will also help these young entrepreneurs find the funding they need to get their business started right. The accelerator program was launched and is already under way, helping the newest businesses find their footing and launch into the business world full speed ahead.


Internet Savages Vandalizing Marion Cottilard’s Reputation

Recently, the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce broke out all over the internet. This led to mixed reactions and multitude responses from people on the internet especially Twitter. Some people made jokes of Taylor Swift using the Brangelina’s split while others made fun about Jennifer Anniston. Things however, went to a new level when an internet savage changed Marion Cottilard’s profile on her Wikipedia page accusing her of having an affair with Brad Pitt thus the main cause of Brad’s divorce with Angelina Jolie. This has therefore tailored to the drama surrounding Marion.

Currently Brad and Marion are filming a movie called World War 2. According to sources, their connection has been getting closer day in day out to the extent of them exchanging pet names. Marion’s Wikipedia page has therefore had two Wikipedia revisions following the drama surrounding her name. For the first time, her occupation was changed to’ Reason Why the Power Couple Broke Up’. As if this is not enough, someone went ahead to again change her job title to read actress, singer and cheater. According to an insider from her camp, this has left Marion devastated since her name is being tarnished by accusations of cheating with Brad. These assumptions are stemming up as a result of an alleged rumor that Brad initially started seeing Angelina Jolie while still engaged to Jennifer Anniston.

Powerful Marketing Tool

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Don Ressler Changes Workout Clothing with Partners Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg

Don Ressler may not be known by many people that shop for clothes on the Fabletics or JustFab websites. After all, Kate Hudson is the face of this brand. Ressler, along with partner Adam Goldenberg, are the ones that have stayed in the background as co-founders of JustFab. They have worked along with Kate Hudson to carefully craft an athletic clothing brand that could meet the challenges that many women face.

Ressler has been a partner with Goldenberg for years. These two have started some of the biggest online stores for women over the last several years. Their success appears to be fueled by their ability to work together. Don Ressler has a lot of business experience. It has been said that Ressler knows how to spot trends. He has also been able to start some other trends along the way. There is no shortage of innovation when it comes to companies that he has launched with Goldenberg. Including Hudson into the mix would be the first time that these two partners would veer away from this success as a duo . It was a risk to take, but they knew that it would take a woman to present clothes that women where putting on their bodies for working out.

With JustFab Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg would call in Kimora Lee. She was at the top as the face of the brand, but she was not a co-founder the way that Kate Hudson is. The difference with the Fabletics brand is that there is a lot of input from Kate. Don knew that this would be significant because she was already a figure that was in the public eye. She had a presence with a lot of females because she was already in movies. The thing that made Hudson marketable was the fact that she was already in great shape. This would prove to be the thing that would help the company. She would mold herself into the person that could help Don Ressler learn more about what he didn’t know about. By the same token, Ressler could help Hudson understand what the subscription service business was like.

Ressler, Goldenberg and Hudson have proven that they can work well together. Don Ressler has a lengthy resume that suggests that this is just the beginning. His ability to stay on top of trends will give him many opportunities to build more businesses.

For Intelligent Beauty’s Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler, Early Departure From MySpace Paid Off


Wengie and Max Best YouTube Couple Ever: Fire Noodle Ramen Challenge

If you don’t know Wengie and Max, then you don’t know YouTube. Everyone adores this super cute couple and the famous Wengie vlogs.

Today, we’re looking at the awesome “Fire Noodle Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge.”

This is South Korea’s spiciest instant noodles and a wonderful budget-friendly meal if you like things super hot! Wengie and Max are ready to see who best can stand the heat in the kitchen, even though they are dining in the den. Cat Mia loves the aroma and is trying to see what the cuisine is all about.

Wengie gets a large glass of water by her side and one for Max, just in case they can’t hack it. They swear the H2O will be used only as a last resort.

“Please, Lord have mercy on my soul,” Max exclaims, as he’s ready to sample a big forkful of the insanely spicy noodles.

Max likes the bite and claims “It kinda hits you,” while Wengie secretly and playfully tosses the food back into her bowl, never swallowing much of any of her fire noodles at first.

Then Wengie gets serious and begins taking big bites of the noodles, plowing through her portion, while Max takes a break, trying to catch his breath, which is suddenly on fire.

Wengie’s nose begins running, and she’s feeling the burn down her esophagus; even her stomach feels cold as the food makes it way down. The couple keeps chowing down, but it’s painful to actually get through, Wengie remarks.

Max and Wengie are trying hard to finish the entire bowl of fire noodle ramen. Wengie is happy she wore all black, while Max wore a white tee shirt. Fortunately, he didn’t drop a morsel of the fire engine red noodles on himself.

Both reach for their water at the end and can’t stop giggling after the spicy noodle challenge. Even Max’s eyes were watering after ingesting the hot chilis at the bottom of his bowl.

Wengie and Max are so sweet and loving, and their lifestyle vlogs are addictive to watch. They are the cutest couple ever!


Learn more about Wengie:


WEN By Chaz Works Its Purity And Magic On Beauty Writer’s Limp Hair

Life is not fair; just ask women cursed with a fine mane that does nothing and can’t hold a style.
Beauty writer Emily McClure was in that boat and struggled with her hair on a daily basis. She decided to try something different, a famous no-poo method that adds shine and body to hair.

Emily chose to sample the Wen hair by Chaz no lather shampoo system and report her 7-day results to She kept a hair diary and even took hair selfies to show readers her progress.

WEN by Chaz has been around for a while now, simply because it works really well, is affordable and is ideal for all hair types. It is the true original no lather shampoo that celebrities use for the shiniest hair in the business. WEN by Chaz is made with pure, natural substances found in nature. You will never find one speck of a chemical in WEN’s cleansing conditioners.

Famous celebrity stylist Chaz Dean invented the brand, because he lives a healthy lifestyle and dreamed of an holistic approach to beautiful hair. His formulas don’t need a lather to perform. His plant-based cleansing conditioners soothe and nourish strands from root to end, delivering gorgeous, full, glossy tresses. WEN hair care products are available from retailers like Guthy Renker and Sephora. It can also be bought via

Emily discovered some wonderful tips to give users the best WEN by Chaz experience:

1. Develop a hair routine and stick with it. Emily learned that a daily morning WEN wash gave amazing results.

2. Read the directions and use an ample amount of product. Emily skimped on the amount, because she thought it was excessive. A no lather shampoo requires lots of product to be really effective.

3. WEN is not for lazy girls. You need to take time and effort to blow-dry and style your hair.

It’s that easy; WEN by Chaz works miracles. Like the WEN hair Facebook page for more info.


Madison Street Capital’s Accomplishments as a Financial Investment Manager

Madison Street Capital was selected amongst other financial investment firms as the finalists in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Contestants for the awards are chosen from investment service providers who have proved to offer distinguished investment services on deal making and provision of reliable financial solutions.

M&A Awards was started by M&A Advisors, a financial investment oversight firm that was founded in 1998. M&A Advisors carry out surveys to identify service providers who give quality services on deal making. The purpose of the award is to improve the quality of services and their delivery by creating a competitive environment for all players.

Besides making it to the M&A Award’s finals, Madison Street Capital has also been nominated as a contestant in two other honorary awards. The firm will also be a contestant for the Boutique Investment Firm of the Year and holder of the International and Industrial Deal of the year.

Madison Street Capital was chosen to run for the International and Industrial Deal of the year awards after striking a deal considered to be sizable involving its client Dowco. Madison Street Capital facilitated and oversaw the acquisition of Acuna and Associados by Dowco.

Speaking after the nomination, Madison Street Capital’s founder confirmed that the company’s deal makers were dedicated to providing investment solutions that fully matched the needs of their clients. He reiterated that the firm’s approach to every trade was highly researched with the dealmakers keen to give their clients the best possible deals.

The entire process that culminated in the acquisition of Acuna and Associados by Dowco was quite challenging for Madison Street Capital since numerous companies had expressed their interests to buy the firm. However, through the expertise of Madison Capital’s Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Chuna, they managed to obtain it for their client, Dowco.

The success of Madison Street Capital stems from the efforts of its dedicated team of dealmakers who use exceptional financial structures to get the best financial outcome for their customers. The experts have accomplished numerous business deals for clients from different industries. Their clientele also spreads across different countries with some based in US while others are from countries in North America, Africa, and Asia.

Madison Street Capital offers investment services such as corporate financial consultancy, oversight on mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, transfer of ownership, selling of a business, and many more investment solutions. These services are vital for any business wishing to achieve its goals and objectives in the investment industry.

Besides helping businesses to prosper, Madison Street Capital also supports United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund. The humanitarian organization provides basic requirements, education, and financial assistance to people affected by different natural disasters.

Follow Madison on Twitter – @MadStCap