Kabbalah Centre: Spreading the Belief of Fulfillment and Peace

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the Kabbalah Centre International is a not-for-profit entity that provides Zohar and Kabbalistic studies through online classroom as well as onsite classroom worldwide.

Kabbalah is an ancient standard for living a purposeful and peaceful life. It promotes wellbeing and encourages channeling ones energy for a truly centered and fulfilled life. It teaches students that every branch our tree of life takes—career, relationships, health—all grow from the same root system and the same trunk.

Here in Kabbalah Centre, it is taught that spirituality cannot be something that is forced. Instead, information is shared in the hopes that the wisdom will spread on its own accord. These teachings explain how the material and the nonmaterial universe connects with the somatic and transcendent nature of humanity. Kabbalah teaches how to guide ones self through life’s uncertain landscape to eliminate every type of turmoil and discomfort that might occur.

The Kabbalah Centre International welcomes everyone, no matter their circumstances. Founded in the United States in the mid 1960s, it was originally called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The current Los Angeles-based centre was established in 1984, with branches worldwide, including New York City, London, and Toronto. It offers detailed scholarly studies that encourage a batter life and better world. Its mission is to provide students with means to apply the learned principles to help make better decisions that will benefit both themselves and the world around them.

Are the core of the courses and classes offered by the Kabbalah Centre are those that focus on a number of ways to engage students to learn the kabbalalistic principles through online and traditional classroom lectures, books, and audio lessons. Potential learners may locate a local Kabbalah Centre or watch classes online at Kabbalah University. The centre also encourages students to volunteer, with a focus on sharing and giving back. These charitable activities include mentoring, feeding the homeless, local cleanup, and visiting hospitals. Visit the Kabbalah Centre on their website to begin your journey.

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