Bury Bad Articles Can Help Your Online Presence

Even one negative comment about your business, left by anyone in the world and for any reason, can hurt it. And, a negative feedback rating that pops up in an online Search can lose more business. Even a proven, foreign, malicious troll can cost you up to 22 percent in sales opportunity costs. Consumers shop elsewhere anytime anything negative about a business is found in the first page of Results.

However, the situation can sometimes become worse, even snowballing, if there is any viral element that brings your negative press to the media. In the case of even 3 negative items being found in the first couple of pages of Search Results, nearly 60 percent of regular business can be lost. Ad one more negative article, comment, rating,… etc, and you will lose 70 percent of your customers. This could translate to even greater revenue loss, because of no repeat business from those former customers.

There is hope, if your firm has taken a reputation hit online. Bury Bad Articles is a professional online reputation recovery and management company. They are experts in ways to bury negative press and bury negative search results. They are defining new areas of art and science to perform Digital Hygiene, online reputation management, and in getting all negative items online about you swept away. They do this with a proven technique to bury negative news deep down many pages in all Search Results. They are bringing a new and more instant response to money-losing online negativity.

New tools and a more mature Internet culture are being combined by the engineers at Bury Bad Articles. The result is the ability to bring about the Search Results ranking you need. To move down the negative stuff in the Results until it is never seen by 99.99 percent of searchers. This is the new requirement, to stay in business, to keep growing, and to guard against increasing malicious hacking and Theft By Troll.

Bury bad news that is causing you headaches, lost sleep, prestige, and worst of all, money! Give Bury Bad Articles a call, text, or email. We will get to the bottom of the problem with your online reputation. There are many ways to quickly remedy most such situations, which no one should ever have to endure for long.

Kabbalah Centre: Spreading the Belief of Fulfillment and Peace

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the Kabbalah Centre International is a not-for-profit entity that provides Zohar and Kabbalistic studies through online classroom as well as onsite classroom worldwide.

Kabbalah is an ancient standard for living a purposeful and peaceful life. It promotes wellbeing and encourages channeling ones energy for a truly centered and fulfilled life. It teaches students that every branch our tree of life takes—career, relationships, health—all grow from the same root system and the same trunk.

Here in Kabbalah Centre, it is taught that spirituality cannot be something that is forced. Instead, information is shared in the hopes that the wisdom will spread on its own accord. These teachings explain how the material and the nonmaterial universe connects with the somatic and transcendent nature of humanity. Kabbalah teaches how to guide ones self through life’s uncertain landscape to eliminate every type of turmoil and discomfort that might occur.

The Kabbalah Centre International welcomes everyone, no matter their circumstances. Founded in the United States in the mid 1960s, it was originally called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The current Los Angeles-based centre was established in 1984, with branches worldwide, including New York City, London, and Toronto. It offers detailed scholarly studies that encourage a batter life and better world. Its mission is to provide students with means to apply the learned principles to help make better decisions that will benefit both themselves and the world around them.

Are the core of the courses and classes offered by the Kabbalah Centre are those that focus on a number of ways to engage students to learn the kabbalalistic principles through online and traditional classroom lectures, books, and audio lessons. Potential learners may locate a local Kabbalah Centre or watch classes online at Kabbalah University. The centre also encourages students to volunteer, with a focus on sharing and giving back. These charitable activities include mentoring, feeding the homeless, local cleanup, and visiting hospitals. Visit the Kabbalah Centre on their website to begin your journey.

A Review Of White Shark Media With Focus On Achievements And Future

With only less than 10 years in the digital marketing industry, White Shark Media has emerged as a premier agency and has in the process earned notable accreditation. The growth of the company has been majorly as a result of its good reputation and focus on offering value to clients.

White Shark Media has invested majorly in seeing the growth of the company into a world-class entity, and this has been achieved quite successfully by ensuring the services offered conform to the standards of the industry.

Also notable in the efforts invested by White Shark Media Review team is the need to encourage innovation and creativity, something that has placed the company at an exclusive position in the market.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/training-accreditation-find-a-pro-directory?companyid=4313

Delivering a world-class experience
White Shark Media was established in 2011 by

White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/ with huge experience in online and offline marketing. The company came up with the Big Hairy Audacious Goal, as explained on the About Us page. This goal was aimed at conquering the U.S. SMB market, which was growing at an impressive rate at the time the company was established.

To make this possible, White Shark Media embarked on a mission that was focused on offering high-quality services and a focused approach to marketing that would help individual clients understand their campaigns better. Few years later, the company has become a market leader and attracted more than 6000 clients.

Notable achievements
Among the notable achievements White Shark Media has made is the attainment of the Premier SMB Partner program that is sponsored by Google. The agency will be tasked with working as an agency to help small- and medium-size businesses to achieve their goals by offering resources to help them in marketing.

As captured on the certifications section through an article, White Shark Media was able to pass the rigorous requirements submitted by Google before the agency was selected as a premier partner for AdWords. Additionally, White Shark Media also works as a Bing partner through the Reseller program.

Targeting customers with mobile Ads
Over 50 percent of searches conducted with intent to buy items are made using mobile devices. This includes a big number of prospective customers and traffic that a business can take advantage of.

White Shark Media is among few companies that have successfully tapped into this area and helped their clients record massive sales and conversions from their AdWords and other marketing campaigns.

Richard Blair Talks Renting Out A Room

Houses and apartments have gotten bigger and bigger in recent years. Many people now have rooms in their homes that they can rent out easily without a problem. A single room in any space can be rented out for a sum of money, allowing them potential funds from a space they are not going to use anyway. However, while such potential rents can appear quite a great thing, it is also a bit scary for many people as they realize that renting to strangers may have risks as well as rewards. This is where it can be helpful to turn to advice from people such as Richard Blair. Blair, a skilled and expert financial adviser with many years of experience in the field, knows just how to leverage extra space in any home properly.

Considering Many Factors

In a recent article, he talks about just how to consider what factors should be taken into account when deciding if renting a space makes sense for any given person.  They also need to think about potential issues such as making sure they have enough insurance to cover any potential problems. Insurance coverage is particularly important as issues of all kinds may happen when someone is renting out even a single room in their home. The renter may accidentally cause damage, creating all kinds of problems that may need to be fixed as soon as possible. A prepared renter is one who has considered such problems and come prepared to deal with them.

Wealth Solutions

Blair has been based in Austin, Texas for more than two decades. During this time, he has been offering skilled advice for investors all over the region as well as all over the country. In doing so, he has been able to help provide assistance for many people. His words today remain very much the same as they have ever been. A proper portfolio of investments is one in which the person can help balance risk of all kind with the potential for serious growth. Using this highly effective strategy has been the hallmark of his life. Those who have worked with him have learned much from him and seen their own wealth grow.

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