Baur and His Swiss Start Factory Are Luring In Investors

The fintech industry continues to grow with the addition of the Swiss Start Up Factory. Recently started by Mike Baur, the concept is to provide quality investment and advisory services to clients throughout the region. Already the company is luring away quite a few finance professionals have decide to leave the day to day grind of the finance business behind and join something innovative and a bit more cutting edge.

Baur himself comes from a solid banking background, having served for quite sometime as a chief banker at Clariden and Sallfort, The Swiss Start Up Factory is his brainchild and is designed to provide support to young entrepreneurial professionals throughout the continent that wish to specialize in digital technology of one sort or another.

Investors and advisors who are choosing to join the Swiss Start Up Factory do so in the anticipation of finding new ideas and concepts that they can invest in. Digital technology startups are seen as an emerging and potentially lucrative field. By focusing on young professionals that have a passion and desire for growth, investors are finding new opportunities by pumping their industry and financial know how into Baur’s creation.

Baur understands what it is like to have a great idea, but no financial backing. He also knows that it takes more than simple desire to succeed, which is why he has implemented a comprehensive coaching program that will lead to lower risk over the long run.

The Swiss Start Up Factory is soon to be launching an accelerator program. The core focus of this division will be specifically on fintech companies. In doing so, Baur and his professional team of investors and advisors will be working right alongside Fusion, which is a leaving fintech-accelerator firm strategically in Geneva.

Bringing his 20 years of experience within the Swiss banking industry to the table, Baur is personally responsible for all of the fundraising and financing efforts at the Swiss Start Up Factory. It is now two years old, and already the word is out that they are looking for digital entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation and excellence. The firm has ambitious and targeted goals that they are working hard to achieve on behalf of their principle investors.

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