Polly Morton Joins Influential Reputation Management Board of Advisors

Interesting news is coming out of the offices of Status Labs. Polly Morton, a Vice President with the well-known business consulting firm GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group). Based out of New York City, GLG has clients all over the world. So does Status Labs, a reputation management/digital marketing firm based in Austin, TX and with offices in New York City and San Paulo.

In terms of direct experience with the reputation management field, Morton worked for Reputation.com in an executive role. Status Labs definitely wants its advisory board to consist of those with esteemed backgrounds in reputation management. Polly Morton fits this description.

A lot of people want to work with Status Labs these days. The company is really making a name for itself.

Fisher has come up with truly outstanding promotional ideas for drawing attention to the company. Offering free crisis management some time back to those who were aggrieved in the notorious Ashley Madison hack was a fantastic idea. The hacking situation was a major newsworthy event and provided an ample chance for Status Labs to garner a lot of attention. Of course, the firm does have to deliver on expectations to those who clients are drawn in. Status Labs definitely does this as evidenced by the growth of its number of clients in various territories.

There are a number of different services Status Labs makes available to those customers looking to take advantage of the company’s wares. Social media marketing, content generation, Google image curation, and, the company’s specialty, online reputation management are among the highly-specialized tasks the firm performs. Traditional marketing strategies can sometimes be delayed. Working on improving a damaged online reputation should be done right away.

Those experts do have to rely on the guidance of others in order to make sure the company is headed in the right direction. Polly Morton absolutely can help with this cause, which is why she has been asked to join the team.

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  1. Status Labs has benefited from a great deal of media and publicity generated by president Darius Fisher. Any and all reputation repairing duties should be performed by skilled experts. There has been a lot of review of bestessays.com that is getting me pissed off right now.

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