My Blog Gives Away Fashions From JustFab All The Time

When shopping for summer looks, it’s not enough to simply look through fashion magazines to determine what’s hot for the summer. Bloggers are the ones that can help you to learn what looks are good to go with and which ones should be thrown by the wayside. Bloggers have a lot of information about fashion, which is why many people turn to us to find out about new clothing and hip trends that many people like these days. I tend only to shop in one place, even though I may switch it up from time to time. I found so many great clothes on the JustFab website that I rarely shop anywhere else.

With summer coming up, I decided to dedicate a portion of my blog to summer clothing and looks only, and I even allow my readers to contribute their opinions and pictures of clothing that they believe would be hot for the summer. What is so funny is the fact that JustFab has it all down and has summer looks that are ready to go and can be paired with many other products on their website. JustFab doesn’t only sell clothes and shoes but also jewelry and handbags. Who couldn’t complete a summer look with the products on the JustFab website? I joined to become a member of the JustFab website because I loved the potential savings.

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Since I chose to do a “summer look” section on my blog, I had to make the choice to purchase some more summer clothing, which I bought mostly on the JustFab website. I found some of the most amazing pairs of pants that fit me snugly and looked great on my backside. I got a spaghetti strap top that was loose fitting but still looked great with the pants I paired it with. I also found some dresses that were too cute and went perfectly with a pair of boots that I also wanted to wear for the summer. I put a lot of the clothing I buy from JustFabs on my blog, and I’ve gotten tons of great compliments.

As a member of the JustFab website, I earn points all the time because of the massive amounts of purchases I make on the site. In some cases, I will even buy clothing to give it away on my blog, and many people will sign up for these giveaways because they love the clothes, and all of it comes from the JustFab website. Even the shoe giveaway is a big hit on my blog because the shoes come from JustFab as well. I know that I’ll always use the JustFab website whenever I need any great looking fashions.

Doe Deere: The Woman behind the Lime Crime Brand

What comes to mind when you think of color? Do you think of bright pinks, oranges, and possibly even lime…or Lime Crime? If you thought of Lime Crime, you may just be a blossoming “Unicorn” as followers of the Lime Crime brand are so uniquely called.

Lime Crime is a fairly new, blossoming business in the makeup market. It was created to bring bright colors to the makeup scene and show that adults are allowed to be adventurous and have fun. The company launched in 2008 and has only been on the rise since.

But maybe you are already familiar with the Lime Crime line, but how much do you know about the woman behind the brand? Doe Deere is her name and color is her game. Doe Deere, born in Russia, grew up in New York City. From the time that Doe Deere was young, she loved art and color. With no makeup line bright enough to match her style, she decided to venture out and start her own makeup line to suit her own unique personality and flare. Her imaginative personality has taken her from a young girl experimenting with makeup at a slumber party to landing her on the cover of Self-Made magazine as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

If you chance upon her personal website, Doe Deere you will see in an instant her love for color with bright hues of pink covering the page. She is the true inspiration behind her brand wearing color with boldness, not intimidated by all the internet “haters” and rumors out there.

So why the name Lime Crime? In 2004, when she started her Ebay store, she didn’t see herself as a brand per se, but instead just used the first name that popped in her head. Lucky for her, the name stuck and caught fire. Among her followers, the “Unicorns”, the brand signifies a boldness in color with a willingness to be set apart and have fun.

As Doe Deere continues her rise to stardom, she hopes to inspire other women to chase their dreams and encourage other blossoming entrepreneurs to follow their dream of starting their own business.


Beneful Treats for the Small Dog in Your Life

Any dog lover knows the benefits of having a small dog for a pet. One aspect people often overlook, and it is a cute one, is having to find food and treats that tiny dogs can enjoy.

Purina Beneful offers a variety of treats [] for dogs of all sizes, but its nice to have a choice, especially when it comes down to not just small dogs, but extremely small dogs like the teacup and toy sizes. The following is a short list of products Beneful offers to fulfill this need.

The Healthy Smile line of treats offer two such goodies made to satisfy any toy yorkie or teacup chihuahua’s taste buds. Dental Ridges, containing delicious meats and real parsley, are designed for both the teeth and bone’s health. Dental twists offer the same quality in a peanut butter flavor, though in a shape designed to reach different angles of the teeth. Both help to freshen up your dog’s breath and smile, and who doesn’t appreciate this in their beloved pup.

Also offered is the Beneful Baked Delights line of treats. Good for all sizes, they are another alternative for smaller dogs. Offered in a variety of shapes and flavors, the bacon and cheese stars would be a nice tidbit for a small dog to munch on. Another are the oven-baked shortbread, heart-shaped treats with apple and bacon flavoring in the the center. A pleasurable delicacy for any hungry dog. All these and other Beneful products can be found at your local Wal-Mart grocery, animal supply store, or online at


Baur and His Swiss Start Factory Are Luring In Investors

The fintech industry continues to grow with the addition of the Swiss Start Up Factory. Recently started by Mike Baur, the concept is to provide quality investment and advisory services to clients throughout the region. Already the company is luring away quite a few finance professionals have decide to leave the day to day grind of the finance business behind and join something innovative and a bit more cutting edge.

Baur himself comes from a solid banking background, having served for quite sometime as a chief banker at Clariden and Sallfort, The Swiss Start Up Factory is his brainchild and is designed to provide support to young entrepreneurial professionals throughout the continent that wish to specialize in digital technology of one sort or another.

Investors and advisors who are choosing to join the Swiss Start Up Factory do so in the anticipation of finding new ideas and concepts that they can invest in. Digital technology startups are seen as an emerging and potentially lucrative field. By focusing on young professionals that have a passion and desire for growth, investors are finding new opportunities by pumping their industry and financial know how into Baur’s creation.

Baur understands what it is like to have a great idea, but no financial backing. He also knows that it takes more than simple desire to succeed, which is why he has implemented a comprehensive coaching program that will lead to lower risk over the long run.

The Swiss Start Up Factory is soon to be launching an accelerator program. The core focus of this division will be specifically on fintech companies. In doing so, Baur and his professional team of investors and advisors will be working right alongside Fusion, which is a leaving fintech-accelerator firm strategically in Geneva.

Bringing his 20 years of experience within the Swiss banking industry to the table, Baur is personally responsible for all of the fundraising and financing efforts at the Swiss Start Up Factory. It is now two years old, and already the word is out that they are looking for digital entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation and excellence. The firm has ambitious and targeted goals that they are working hard to achieve on behalf of their principle investors.

Spark Tank: A Mark Sparks Blessing for Non-Profits

Mark Spark, a Dallas business innovator who builds portfolio companies with founding entrepreneurs from his private equity firm, has made philanthropy part of his business from the beginning.

Over 15 years ago, Spark and Lynne Sipiora took a small homeless shelter, The Samaritan Inn from being a run-down house to a bustling multimillion dollar operation that feeds and houses over 200 people every day. Spark Tank is Mark Spark’s and Lynne’s latest philanthropic venture.

With Spark Tank, social services executives are asked a powerful question: “What could you do with $5,000.00 that would impact lives?” Spark Tank puts such executives, who have an entrepreneurial spirit, in line to receive funding that will assist them in what they already do to make the lives of those they serve better.

501c3 organizations with a minimum of two years of history, with a focus on human services, animal services, or the arts, as well as those that are faith based for nonreligious purposes are eligible to apply for Spark Tank funds. Spark Tank round two will accept applications from June through July 15, 2016. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight and @msparks5010

To make the most of the opportunity, social services executives should consider some key presentation suggestions:

• Use presentation time wisely; remember that to an entrepreneur time is money and neither is to be wasted.
• Make visuals count-use them only if they clarify information.
• Use data to prove your product or process works; make certain it tells a legitimate story about how you plan to be successful.
• Keep the presentation simple, clear and easy to follow.
• Include the entire team in the presentation. It provides for an organic look at the cohesiveness, zeal, and professionalism of those who care about the project most.

As Mark Spark continues to seek out new and exciting ways to grow businesses and create social success, those providing social services are fortunate to have such a blessing available just an application, and well-put-together presentation away.

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Polly Morton Joins Influential Reputation Management Board of Advisors

Interesting news is coming out of the offices of Status Labs. Polly Morton, a Vice President with the well-known business consulting firm GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group). Based out of New York City, GLG has clients all over the world. So does Status Labs, a reputation management/digital marketing firm based in Austin, TX and with offices in New York City and San Paulo.

In terms of direct experience with the reputation management field, Morton worked for in an executive role. Status Labs definitely wants its advisory board to consist of those with esteemed backgrounds in reputation management. Polly Morton fits this description.

A lot of people want to work with Status Labs these days. The company is really making a name for itself.

Fisher has come up with truly outstanding promotional ideas for drawing attention to the company. Offering free crisis management some time back to those who were aggrieved in the notorious Ashley Madison hack was a fantastic idea. The hacking situation was a major newsworthy event and provided an ample chance for Status Labs to garner a lot of attention. Of course, the firm does have to deliver on expectations to those who clients are drawn in. Status Labs definitely does this as evidenced by the growth of its number of clients in various territories.

There are a number of different services Status Labs makes available to those customers looking to take advantage of the company’s wares. Social media marketing, content generation, Google image curation, and, the company’s specialty, online reputation management are among the highly-specialized tasks the firm performs. Traditional marketing strategies can sometimes be delayed. Working on improving a damaged online reputation should be done right away.

Those experts do have to rely on the guidance of others in order to make sure the company is headed in the right direction. Polly Morton absolutely can help with this cause, which is why she has been asked to join the team.

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