A Heart For Oppressed In North Korea: Yeonmi Park’s Book

In North Korea, if a man is desperately attempting to feed his family and makes the mistake of selling some simple material, even to a “friend” nation, such as China, he risks being thrown into a hard labor death camp. Then, if he gets cancer, nothing will be done to help him and when he dies the oppressive government comes after his wife and child. This was the actual threat to Yeonmi Park‘s life when she was just 13 years old.
Yeonmi Park is now in her young 20s, after a nightmare childhood of brainwashing, deprivation, and fear, she endured a series of ordeals in the desperate escape with her mother. Her experiences included the horrors of being trafficked as a sex slave in China and many more things which culminated in her discovery of freedom after finally escaping into the West. She includes it all in her book: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, which she talked about on the Reason .

Along the way Ms. Park has had to confront the level of mental, emotional, and financial abuse she has been affected by since she was born. She admits she still has some difficulty in condemning the “dear leader,” because of how ingrained her mental conditioning became. She has become so effective that the Kim Jong Il totalitarian machine has screamed their rebuttal of her accusations in a vicious rage. Her resolve is firm and true in the face of their guilty rage. She makes not apology and recants nothing. Her quiet effectiveness is becoming contagious. Perhaps her book will bring about enough awareness to cause the world community to intervene.

Her newfound activism, which the Amazon released book and many speaking engagements are a part of, is all aimed at bringing awareness to the world of the atrocities and sick oppression of many North Korean families by the Kim Jong Il dictatorship. She also brings more testimony, based on her own experiences, to expose the level of oppression women and girls throughout Asia have continued to endure from sex trafficking that still exists in Asia today. Read more of Yeonmi Park’s story.

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