Magic In A Bottle

With so many different hair care products like shampoos, deep conditioners, detanglers, and leave in conditioners, it’s no wonder people spend so much time in the shower. There are many products on facebook that claim to be an “all in one solution” to our hair issues, but most of them are gimmicks. With WEN hair, an extensive hair care system invented by Chaz Dean, it seems like there is one solution that is not a ploy. Unlike other shampoos, WEN does not strip your hair of natural oils and cleanses without harsh sulfates while incorporating natural ingredients. WEN works by using its unique sephora marketed 5-in-1 formula to gently lather and cleanse your hair leaving it strong, moisturized, and manageable.
Emily Mcclure a fashion and beauty blogger, did an in depth review about how WEN affected her fine hair. Wen Hair promises to deliver amazing results to each and every hair type depending on what formula you try, and Mcclure tried the Fig version for her fine hair type. On day 1 she noticed her hair felt thicker in the shower while washing it and after blow drying it, she noticed more shine and bounce. Upon waking the next morning, her hair was a bit greasy, but after a quick wash with WEN it was back to its original shine. From then on, she made sure to wash out 100% of the product so there was no excess left in her hair. She complains her hair is usually flat, but with WEN, she experienced soft and shiny hair consistently. On day 7 of her week long trial, she noticed her hair looked great after getting out of the shower. Her overall experience had her reaching for more conditioner to add that extra shine she has always craved. You can read her full review down below.

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