Igor Cornelsen Points to the Best Banks in Brazil

Banking in Brazil, like most other nations, is all about finding the right bank. The right bank is going to come down to what someone is in need of with their presence in Brazil. Some people are just going to go to Brazil in order to live. If that is what they do, then there isn’t much of a problem as there are going to be some general finance banks that work out well. In other cases, there are going to be individuals who need a bank that can help with investment purposes and obtaining loans. All of this is going to play a major impact on how someone is able to go about their financial lives within Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker within Brazil and he has a few different guidelines for finding the right bank in Brazil and for making sure everyone can locate a bank that works for their needs.

For facebook starters, Igor Cornelsen points out that the banking industry within Brazil comes down to just a handful of chains. While it is possible to look at the top 10 banks in Brazil, some of these banks are rather small (such as Citi Bank) and does not have a strong presence within the country.

If you are looking to move to Brazil and want money for investing, the best option according to igorcornelsen.wordpress blog is Banco Bradesco Financiamentos. This bank, which has been around since 1943, is one of the top banks in the country, but it is also probably the best for investing. It is connected with American Express, as the bank handles all of the credit card operations for the card company in Brazil. American Express is very particular with banks that work with its card holders, so for a bank to have this kind of prestige, it is a desirable element that is going to stand out when compared to other banks. Of course, it is a bit difficult to actually receive an account with the bank, especially if you do not have an account or Brazilian based credit score. When this is the case, it is a bit easier if you already have an American Express account (and have a good record with the company). If you don’t have an account and you don’t have an American Express card, you can always look towards opening an account with Citi Group. This bank is located in the United States but also has branches spread throughout Brazil, which can help establish your finances in the county.

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