Skout’s CFO Makes Dream Come True For Women

Skout is a platform on social media that uses pictures to bring people together. Those people are coming together because they only see pictures of their friends before they start talking, and their CFO Portia Kersten is making sure that all their users are happy every day. She has invested her life in getting better at business, and she is one of the best examples of a woman who has gone from having nothing to having something.

Portia Kersten says that she grew up poor, and she only had a lot of ideas that she got because she read books a lot. That is something that a lot of people have done, but many of those people do not think that they can make a difference. She has made sure that she makes a difference by making Skout financially sound. She is leading the way for a company that has a lot of ad revenue to consider, and she always looking at ways that people can make a difference in her company.

She wants all women to know that they can do anything they want, and she also wants people who are disadvantaged to know that they have a chance to make their lives better. Making a life better is easy when people are working hard, and Portia Kersten is talking to women every day about how they can make their lives better. These same people who are going to learn from Portia Kersten could end up working for her, or they can have ideas like Skout. They are trying to make the world a better place using their ideas, and they think that they can follow Portia Kersten to success.

Skout is successful in part because of the financial plan that Portia Kersten uses. Huffington Post featured her as a powerful woman in technology, and she wants to make sure that the company can progress into the future with an even better plan. She is one of the most respected people in her industry, and she is making sure that Skout is one of the most respected platforms in the world. She takes it upon herself to make Skout the best platform for people who want to meet new people, and she is also looking for ways to make the company more profitable. Her plans are perfect for a company that is fledgling and new, and she is the best role model for her staff.

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Magic In A Bottle

With so many different hair care products like shampoos, deep conditioners, detanglers, and leave in conditioners, it’s no wonder people spend so much time in the shower. There are many products on facebook that claim to be an “all in one solution” to our hair issues, but most of them are gimmicks. With WEN hair, an extensive hair care system invented by Chaz Dean, it seems like there is one solution that is not a ploy. Unlike other shampoos, WEN does not strip your hair of natural oils and cleanses without harsh sulfates while incorporating natural ingredients. WEN works by using its unique sephora marketed 5-in-1 formula to gently lather and cleanse your hair leaving it strong, moisturized, and manageable.
Emily Mcclure a fashion and beauty blogger, did an in depth review about how WEN affected her fine hair. Wen Hair promises to deliver amazing results to each and every hair type depending on what formula you try, and Mcclure tried the Fig version for her fine hair type. On day 1 she noticed her hair felt thicker in the shower while washing it and after blow drying it, she noticed more shine and bounce. Upon waking the next morning, her hair was a bit greasy, but after a quick wash with WEN it was back to its original shine. From then on, she made sure to wash out 100% of the product so there was no excess left in her hair. She complains her hair is usually flat, but with WEN, she experienced soft and shiny hair consistently. On day 7 of her week long trial, she noticed her hair looked great after getting out of the shower. Her overall experience had her reaching for more conditioner to add that extra shine she has always craved. You can read her full review down below.

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George Soros’ Take on the Refugee Crisis in Europe

The European Union is a very organized and has fostered development among its member countries. Because of common laws and a working currency laws the union has been able to provide services and standards to its citizens that have been envied by many. Member states in the union boast enviable infrastructure and living standards. Job opportunities on are easily available as compared to other countries in the world. The flip side to this is that it has attracted many refugees and immigrants from many countries. Before the crisis that hit some countries in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula it was able to cope with the influx. However the crisis in the aforesaid countries has seen an increase of refugee and asylum seekers increase by tenfold. Celebrated economist and billionaire George Soros has already foreseen the impeding danger. In his latest publication Soros stated that the union would collapse if nothing was done to mitigate the problem.

George Soros who is also a philanthropist and an advocate against movement restriction has stated that the union should not turn away the refugees. Some countries responded to the influx by crossing their borders and refusing admission of asylum seekers. It is estimated that more than a million refugees have crossed over to Europe with the intent of settling there. If not correctly planned for this influx of people will exhaust some countries and ultimately lead to the collapse of the union. Greece which is also recovering from an economic crisis on is the most affected. Greece is the gate way to Europe hence has seen thousands and thousands of people flock to its borders. He opined in his publication that the Union needed financing raging from $ 30 billion. In his estimates around 300,000 to 500,000 refugees and asylum seekers could be absorbed every year. Under the current understanding entered between the Turkey and the Union illegitimate refugees will be deported back to Turkey while the later will undertake settling of Syrian refugees. George Soros argued that the agreement and the current spending authorized by the union would not be able to support the influx. In order to raise the needed money member countries will need to dig deep in their pockets. It was his consideration that the union would not be adversely affected if it raised the said funds. He continued to state the there were numerous avenues in which the funds could be raised. Furthermore the union on has a head start since the European Financial Mechanism (EFSF) and the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility had excess money lying in its coffers.

George Soros is a philanthropist and founder of open society. Through his society he has reached to various states and non state organs to champion human rights. George Soros’ society has facilitated the movement of people from troubled hot spots and assisted them in finding Asylum. He is passionate about refugees because in his childhood he underwent similar challenges. He is a conscious and seasoned author with several books under his belt. Apart from his books he has written various opeds and newspaper articles.

The original article was published via The New York Review of Books and can be accessed through

Talk Fusion and Their Slogan Better With Video

Talk Fusion is the new and simple way to cover all aspects of video communication in one simple application suite. Talk Fusion CONNECT is the suite consisting of video chat, video email, video newsletter and live conferencing. Make your business and brand attractive with this new video technology. Customizable templates are an added feature to make every video unique to the customer business and brand. No longer rely on simple text to create a brand image. Use the power of video to enhance your brands image as well as sell your product to more people making use of the world wide web.

The direct selling approach to the Talk Fusion platform gives every customer the opportunity to become their own business owner. By promoting the product one can financially benefit as well as using the unique features of the application suite. Making use of patent pending technology Talk Fusion allows customers to communicate via high definition video with remarkable speeds. Talk Fusion’s unique coding will give each customer the best possible experience, adjusting to the maximum bandwidth of the internet connection. Quality is not compromised when it comes to Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina and Dr. Jonathan Chen were the initial minds behind Talk Fusions first application launch, the video email software allowed users to embed any video within the email as well as applying a thousand different templates to the video making it unique to their needs. Bob Reina is still very involved in the everyday working at Talk Fusion making his vision and leadership a priority. Bob believes there is still a lot to be done and the success he has had today can still be improved upon further. Bob spends his days fine tuning the ideas and adding to the value of the existing platform through his innovative ideas. The team of marketing professionals at Talk Fusion provide the next step putting Bob Reina’s ideas into action and further polishing its features. Talk Fusion could well be the best way to utilize video for all business branding purposes.

Igor Cornelsen Points to the Best Banks in Brazil

Banking in Brazil, like most other nations, is all about finding the right bank. The right bank is going to come down to what someone is in need of with their presence in Brazil. Some people are just going to go to Brazil in order to live. If that is what they do, then there isn’t much of a problem as there are going to be some general finance banks that work out well. In other cases, there are going to be individuals who need a bank that can help with investment purposes and obtaining loans. All of this is going to play a major impact on how someone is able to go about their financial lives within Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker within Brazil and he has a few different guidelines for finding the right bank in Brazil and for making sure everyone can locate a bank that works for their needs.

For facebook starters, Igor Cornelsen points out that the banking industry within Brazil comes down to just a handful of chains. While it is possible to look at the top 10 banks in Brazil, some of these banks are rather small (such as Citi Bank) and does not have a strong presence within the country.

If you are looking to move to Brazil and want money for investing, the best option according to igorcornelsen.wordpress blog is Banco Bradesco Financiamentos. This bank, which has been around since 1943, is one of the top banks in the country, but it is also probably the best for investing. It is connected with American Express, as the bank handles all of the credit card operations for the card company in Brazil. American Express is very particular with banks that work with its card holders, so for a bank to have this kind of prestige, it is a desirable element that is going to stand out when compared to other banks. Of course, it is a bit difficult to actually receive an account with the bank, especially if you do not have an account or Brazilian based credit score. When this is the case, it is a bit easier if you already have an American Express account (and have a good record with the company). If you don’t have an account and you don’t have an American Express card, you can always look towards opening an account with Citi Group. This bank is located in the United States but also has branches spread throughout Brazil, which can help establish your finances in the county.