How Well Does Wen By Chaz Work?

If you’ve been thinking about trying new products for your hair, you may have considered purchasing Wen hair products from If you’re still not sure if Wen by Chaz is right for you, Emily McClure from Bustle has reviewed WEN hair conditioner, and chronicled her experience for seven days.

On day one of the experience, McClure stated that she was surprised that so much  Wen hair product was required for one hair washing session. However, she followed the instructions on the bottle and found that her hair was thicker than normal.

By the fourth day, she didn’t have time to wash her hair in the morning, and noticed that her hair was much oilier. She also said that when she curled her hair, her curls fell pretty fast.

Emily did state that her friends noticed a difference in her hair, and commented on the fact that her tresses were especially shiny. Overall, McClure said that she would recommend WEN Hair products by Chaz Dean to women with thin hair, or women who have trouble getting rid of the frizz in their hair.


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