Beneful Premium Dog Food

When it comes to premium dog food, more people are finding themselves taking part in the billion dollar market. As consumers are starting realize the benefits from a premium dog food diet, and they notice the different changes in their animals, they find themselves buying more and they don’t mind investing the money. More times than not, our dogs become part of the family. If we are eating well and taking care of ourselves, we should be doing the same for our dogs. After all, they rely on us to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition needed to stay healthy and live a long life of joy and happiness. Manufacturers are finding it necessary to keep fresh ingredients on their shelf, and blend in the most natural ingredients into each kibble. Ingredients such as lean meats like chicken and turkey along with fruit and vegetables create a wholesome diet that is aimed at reflecting the diet of their ancestors. The wolves in the country are obviously known to eat natural ingredients in the wild along with game and plenty of fiber in their diet.

Purina is a brand of dog food that has been around for many years, and they off a line of their band call Beneful. Beneful has natural ingredients blended into each morsel, can and dog treat that you can see. Beneful use the farmers and ranchers down the road to ensure that they get quality ingredients that do not contain additives and fillers. Beneful produces a line of dog food that is geared towards your pets needs as they understand that each pet has different issues that need to be addressed. Or maybe they just need a well balanced do food that will give them that extra bit of added nutrition. Whatever the need is for, Beneful can provide what you’re looking for when it comes to your pets needs.



RCR Wireless Reports On FreedomPop In Carrier Wrap

News About FreedomPop And Other Top Carriers

The well known publication called RCR Wireless recently published an article that gave important information about news from top carriers, and it gave some great insight into the structure of FreedomPop’s business venture. FreedomPop is the company that is offering free phone service to folks in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The news from other top carriers in the article from RCR Wireless was about several new funding procedures of a few top carriers, and there was news about a fine that Verizon Wireless has received. The fine was from the FCC, and it was given to Verizon Wireless because the company had been inserting a special cookie into their user’ networks in order to monitor internet traffic.

The news about FreedomPop was part of the Carrier Wrap, which is a weekly segment that RCR Wireless publishes. RCR Wireless actually had a chance to sit down with one of the founders and CEO of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols. In the interview, Mr. Stokols revealed some interesting details behind the phone company that is giving free service to its clients.

The rate of people using FreedomPop for more than a free service is at 50 percent in the US, and they have been operating in the US for a longer period of time, so this conversion rate is rather high for this market.

FreedomPop is dedicated to sticking with their belief that phone services should be free. To read the RCR Wireless article, go here.

How Well Does Wen By Chaz Work?

If you’ve been thinking about trying new products for your hair, you may have considered purchasing Wen hair products from If you’re still not sure if Wen by Chaz is right for you, Emily McClure from Bustle has reviewed WEN hair conditioner, and chronicled her experience for seven days.

On day one of the experience, McClure stated that she was surprised that so much  Wen hair product was required for one hair washing session. However, she followed the instructions on the bottle and found that her hair was thicker than normal.

By the fourth day, she didn’t have time to wash her hair in the morning, and noticed that her hair was much oilier. She also said that when she curled her hair, her curls fell pretty fast.

Emily did state that her friends noticed a difference in her hair, and commented on the fact that her tresses were especially shiny. Overall, McClure said that she would recommend WEN Hair products by Chaz Dean to women with thin hair, or women who have trouble getting rid of the frizz in their hair.


Doe Deere Tells Everyone To Throw Fashion Rules Out The Window

Doe Deere stands on the fringes of the fashion world where there are no rules anymore. She has never subscribed to the philosophy that a woman can only wear so much, and she takes issue with some rules that women have been told their whole lives. Women and girls can take every rule that Doe has mentioned, turn it on its head and wear some products from Doe’s company called Lime Crime. Bright colors from Lime Crime and no fashion rules let women dress however they want.

Doe begins her assault on old fashion rules by telling women that they can wear any colors they want at any time. Replacing tried and true fashion rules with the freedom to wear as many colors as possible takes women to a brand new fashion place. Women can wear a thousand bright colors at the same time, and they can combine them even if they are bright. There is no need for a neutral color just because a woman likes bright yellow and bright pink.

The same thing applies to women’s makeup. Makeup colors from Lime Crime can be worn on the eyes and lips pretty easily, and the two colors together are no longer a faux pas. Women can wear that bright lip color they love, and they can wear an even brighter color color. Lime Crime has all these colors available, and combining bright makeup with bright clothes works just as well.

Doe has a particular problem with women being told to dress their age or to wear their hair a certain way. Women who have purple, blue, green or unnatural hair colors are not confined to wearing only neutrals. Beige and black are not the only colors an alternative woman can wear, and alternative women are allowed to dress in the clothes they like the most.

There will be more power suits on teenagers, and there will be more mini dresses on golden girls. Women who feel the freedom to dress however they want will look so much better as a result, and the confidence is easy to read when they are seen in public.

There are a lot of women who love to wear their peep toe shoes all year even when it gets cold outside, and they are talked down out of their shoes due to old fashion rules. Peep toe shoes are the perfect shoes to wear to show off stockings and tights, and women who love their peep toes can create some sexy outfits for the fall or winter that include interesting stockings.

A woman who is breaking all the fashion rules like Doe Deere will find a new home at Lime Crime, and the Lime Crime cosmetic brand gives women another way to break the rules. Every rule keeps women from dressing the way they prefer, and breaking the rules creates freedom for all women.

Check out Doe Deere’s Pinterest page

Jon Urbana Through a Video Lens

Jon Urbana is a rising name on the wide space of the internet. With his many interests and strong social media presence, Urbana is making a professional name for himself. After retiring from a professional career as a lacrosse player, Urbana decided to continue his passion for the sport in another way: coaching. Being the entrepreneur that he is, Urbana started his own lacrosse camp known as Next Level Lacrosse Camp. It is catered to the youth and has become a popular option for kids in the Denver, Colorado area. In addition to his growing business and growing collection of fans on Facebook, Urbana has a growing passion for exploration and even more of one for Twitter. He has many interests and displays them for people to see. Videos is one of Urbana’s interests, many of which can be found on his Vimeo, Tumblr, or Daily Motion, or WRCB TV. Urbana’s videos capture a large array of his personality and the interests that he has.

In this video, Jon Urbana’s business, Next Level Lacrosse Camp is being introduced by Jon Urbana and explained by another speaker. The speaker also covers some of Jon Urbana’s interests outside of coaching lacrosse while providing a link to access Urbana’s material and information.

Some of Jon Urbana’s videos are also artistic in nature. On his Daily Motion account, there is a video capturing the beatiful scenery of Malaysia. The title of the video is “Timelapse from Malaysia on a Summer Night” and features a still camera as it captures a large timelapse of clouds passing over Malaysian buildings.

See all videos here.

Continuing his love for capturing the beauty of nature, in his Cloud Rule the Sky video, Urbana again captures a timelapse of clouds floating effortlessly across a beautiful sky.

Jon Urbana also has videos relating to his philanthropic efforts. In this video, Urbana introduces his new fundraising campaign for Earth Force which is a non for profit which focuses on maintaining a healthy environment.

Famous YouTubers to Watch

YouTube is the perfect place to find a video on just about anything imaginable. For example, you will find videos of cute kids, cute pets, the latest online trends, fashion, beauty, and makeup. YouTube is a hot social media site that is visited by millions across the world every hour of the day. The site remains at the top of the popularity charts and is destined to remain at the top well into the future. Did you know that beauty and fashion are also very hot topics on YouTube. Well, it is quite true. One of the hottest channels is the Wengie channel.

People that are really into fashion and beauty probably already heard about Wengie. Wengie is a famous Australian YouTuber. She has some very amazing things to say about fashion and beauty. Certainly, her unique approach to fashion and beauty attracted millions of subscribers to her channel. The name of the young woman behind Wengie is Wendy Huang. The founder of the Wonderful World of Wengie likes to share her best beauty and fashion advice with her league of followers. The Australian beauty got her start on social media. She worked for a digital marketing agency and was very familiar with all the top social media sites. Her familiarity with the sites led to her considering joining the social media sites.

Today, her greatest inspiration is derived from a Korean makeup and beauty line. In addition, she loves sharing information about Asian fashion and makeup lines with her Asian readers. Generally, this is because she discovered that her Asian viewers were hungry for information on Asian inspired products. The market is sorely lacking in information on Asian brands. The lack of information on Asian inspired products is especially true in places like Australia. Wengie is based in Australia. Wengie shares that she is also inspired by other beauty and fashion channels on YouTube.

Securus Technologies: Keeping Us Connected


Securus Technologies is an inmate phone calls company that provides calling services to the prison industry. For years they have been connecting us with our friends and loved ones who are incarcerated. However, the CEO, Rick Smith, of Securus Technologies is always on the search for innovative ideas that will take the company to a higher level. With all of the competition in the industry, Securus Technologies decided to go with a more forward-thinking approach. The latest reveal is not necessarily unfamiliar in essence, but never before seen in the prison phone service industry. Securus introduced to us Securus Video Visitation mobile app.

“We’re so close, but yet, so far”, is what seems to have come to mind when Securus decided to add video calling to their products. Many people have a hard time driving back and forth to visit their loved ones, while some just cannot afford it. Most of all, a simple phone call from time-to-time just does not cut it either. Securus Technologies designed the inmate phone calling app so that we can simply download it to our phones, choose a plan and schedule a visitation time to interact with the inmates. Not only is this app free, but it is available for Android smartphones and tablets and Apple devices. What is more impressive is that the app has been downloaded over 65,000 times since its launch six months ago. You can download the Android version of the app from Google Play or get the Apple version from the App Store.

The Securus Video Visitation mobile application has given the public options on how to connect with loved ones. No more being confined to just phone calls or physical visits, thanks to Securus Technologies.

Learn more about Securus here:

Coriant Continues To Develop Its Successful Brand

The Coriant brand is one of the most successful new entrants into the optical networking industry of recent years after the former department of German technology giant Siemens was purchased by Marlin Equity Partners. Under the guidance of Marlin’s Pat DiPietro the Coriant brand has looked to develop further with the acquisition of a number of different companies that have been merged into Coriant to improve the development of hardware and software. The company has been under the leadership of DiPietro as the CEO since it was formed in 2013, but is now looking for a more focused technology based leader in the form of former Verizon executive Shaygan Kheradpir.

For more than 20 years Shaygan Kheradpir has been one of the stars of the technology industry through his work with GTE Labs and Verizon. During his time with both of these technology companies the changes Kheradpir made to their development departments did not go unnoticed at boardroom level across the industry. Kheradpir was the first to set a 30 day deadline for all research into new technology, which he aided by dividing his research teams into smaller groups who were focused on developing only a small part of each piece of new hardware or software.

Shaygan Kheradpir has spent a large amount of his career working with technology based companies, but has also branched out to provide his expertise for industry leaders looking to increase their use of new technologies. One of the most important steps taken by the Cornell University graduate was to develop his role at Barclays, the financial giant who were looking for the best ways of bringing their financial business into line with the latest technologies. Kheradpir headed the development of the PingIt mobile payments platform, which forms the basis of the wireless payment options used by most banks to the present day.

Coriant executives believe Shaygan Kheradpir can use his skills in both technology and business to bring about a larger level of success than they have already achieved in the development of this optical networking giant.

Lime Crime Mastermind Doe Deere Best Unruly Fashion Tips Revealed!

Fashion rules often keep beauties and beaus indecisive when choosing a look. Who wouldn’t when the options are so far-reaching? Well, fashion industry innovator and entrepreneur, Doe Deere shares life-altering lessons about breaking beauty rules. She admits that while fashion industry lawmakers are quick to oust anything outside the boundaries, some rules need redress. Self-expression is something that Deere strongly recommends for fashion trendsetters. The cosmetics line Deere promotes contradicts traditional fashion rules. They’re boldly expressive, brightly colored and whomsoever. Additionally, she stresses that hers are cruelty-free. With her styling tips, reclusion isn’t viable, although the designs do not align with standard fashion principles.

The rules of fashion oppose dressing fiercely bold! Fashion lawmakers discourage double bold styling. So, not because the rules disapprove of wearing bold-on-bold doesn’t mean it warrants ridicule. Sometimes, it really works! Deere has worn these clashing colors countless times and she’s irresistibly gorgeous with it on. It’s particularly intriguing when it’s combined with mix-and-match styling. Yes, fashion experts and magazines have openly condemned the idea severely, but today’s era presents a platform to showcase these extraordinary designs. What about patterns? Of course, these are beautiful! So, forget about it being too intimidating for fashion. Strangely, Deere wields a gift for pairing patterns beautifully. She admitted that it does require patience as it’s crucial to complement and match color schemes when manipulating patterns.

Today, fashion directives prevent the wearing of open-toed shoes, sandals or heels with socks. Deere disagrees! She’s proudly rebellious with this rule. In her eyes, it’s trendy, especially during winter. Another questionable fashion tip is that which pairs unnatural hair colors with neutral or black outfits only. Deere advises that it’s acceptance to break this formality when wearers embrace “color interaction.“ Now, what’s “color interaction?” Figuratively, it means the harmony of colors despite their complex nature, simplicity or magnanimous appeal. Simply put, it’s the science of blending unusually common colors so they complement each other. The oldest rule of fashion is age-appropriate dressing. However, it’s sometimes wise to break this formality especially when it’s agreeable. Lastly, nothing beats spontaneous. It embraces independence and uniqueness profoundly.

Russian-born American entrepreneur and fashion liberal, Doe Deere is a passionate cosmetics designer. She originated Lime Crime, an exclusive cosmetics company known for its uncultured array of fantasy products. Doe Deere has been liberally rebellious with fashion, she’s an icon. Today, a young, spirited fashion audience relies on her for tips, inspiration, and entrepreneurial guidance. The cosmetic brand exploded commercially earning her a place among the industry’s top business women.

Interestingly, Deere didn’t just develop her imaginative, artistic abilities. She admitted during an interview that she earned her conviction as a child. She launched her Lime Crime business in 2008, which has since propelled into a top-grossing fantasy cosmetics company. Deere dubbed herself the “Unicorn Queen,” having acknowledged her sense of uniqueness, comparing it to that of the mystical creature.