The Wikipedia Science Project

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that millions rely on every day to provide them with relevant information on a topic. In fact, millions also use the site as a learning source for serious subjects. Still, others wonder if the information contained on the site is reliable. After all, the information composed is often gender biased. Most of the contributors on the site are white males, living in developed countries, and of a certain age group. A group of University students are striving to change the gender biased information contained on the site. They’ve submitted several hundred pages to remedy that situation. Students also reflected on the accuracy of science articles on the site. Surprisingly, the vast majority are accurate. However, they are working hard to fix any inaccuracies found. 

Wikipedia Page Benefits
Everyday, thousands of business owners online discover the powerful effect that Wikipedia has on their business. The fact is that people think of Wikipedia as a very relevant source for information. Millions visit the site searching for fact based information that is reliable. Clearly, placing a page on the site would lead to millions of potential leads finding their way to your business site for more information. Thus, leading to a potential customer. The truth of the matter is that Wikipedia business page creation will give your company a reputable name and more credibility to your brand.

Building Wikipedia Pages
Certainly, placing a page on the site is a good marketing tool. However, making a Wikipedia page is a different matter. Wikipedia has extremely strict guidelines and rules that they suggest all contributors follow. Pages that do not follow those rules, quickly disappear. Generally, this is due to not following one of their top rules concerning biased and promotional material. However, there is an easier way to create Business pages for Wikipedia. Hire Wiki writers to compose your pages. In the long run, it will save you time and money.

Get Your Wiki 
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