Fashion and Beauty Icon Doe Deere Breaks Down Barriers

In addition to being a buzz worthy social media trend setter, Doe Deere is the creator and CEO of Lime Crime, a revolutionary brand of makeup for bold women who are ready to embrace their inner diva and break all the traditional beauty rules.

Besides being an animal cruelty free brand of cosmetics, Lime Crime was uniquely designed by Deere to help her followers branch out beyond traditional makeup choices and have fun with experimenting and expressing themselves everyday. In fact, Deere refers to her followers and customers as unicorns in homage of their willingness to buck the modern day beauty trends and be free-spirited, unique individuals. With Deeere’s cosmetic line, she hopes that customers will enjoy the experience of presenting themselves to the world through innovative and colorful makeup that makes everyday something to celebrate.

Part of what makes Deere’s approach to fashion and beauty so innovative and catching is her willingness to experiment and take on uncharted territory. As a wildly successful female entrepreneur, Deere’s adventurous spirit is one of her most valuable assets in the makeup industry as well as in her personal image. Deere’s fun-loving, no judgment approach to fashion and beauty puts the artistry and creative spirit back into her customers. In her own online tutorials, Deere shows her followers that it is perfectly okay to have fun with the process of experimenting with makeup and staying away from the more culturally accepted beauty images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

As both a business woman and a fashion and beauty loving inspiration, Deere is creating a legacy for women of all ages and backgrounds for what it means to embody their true selves in all aspects of life. Through her ground-breaking products and creative approach to running her business, Deere shows us that fashion and beauty are simply ways for us to add color and vibrancy to everyday life. Modern day advertising that teaches girls otherwise has met a strong foe in Doe Deere, and we are sure that her bold approach to beauty and fashion will pave the way for women to start making the most of their self-expression and having fun with their fashion and beauty choices in everyday life.

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