The Wikipedia Science Project

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that millions rely on every day to provide them with relevant information on a topic. In fact, millions also use the site as a learning source for serious subjects. Still, others wonder if the information contained on the site is reliable. After all, the information composed is often gender biased. Most of the contributors on the site are white males, living in developed countries, and of a certain age group. A group of University students are striving to change the gender biased information contained on the site. They’ve submitted several hundred pages to remedy that situation. Students also reflected on the accuracy of science articles on the site. Surprisingly, the vast majority are accurate. However, they are working hard to fix any inaccuracies found. 

Wikipedia Page Benefits
Everyday, thousands of business owners online discover the powerful effect that Wikipedia has on their business. The fact is that people think of Wikipedia as a very relevant source for information. Millions visit the site searching for fact based information that is reliable. Clearly, placing a page on the site would lead to millions of potential leads finding their way to your business site for more information. Thus, leading to a potential customer. The truth of the matter is that Wikipedia business page creation will give your company a reputable name and more credibility to your brand.

Building Wikipedia Pages
Certainly, placing a page on the site is a good marketing tool. However, making a Wikipedia page is a different matter. Wikipedia has extremely strict guidelines and rules that they suggest all contributors follow. Pages that do not follow those rules, quickly disappear. Generally, this is due to not following one of their top rules concerning biased and promotional material. However, there is an easier way to create Business pages for Wikipedia. Hire Wiki writers to compose your pages. In the long run, it will save you time and money.

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Attorney Abelow Sets Fundraiser To Help City Animals in Need


There are attorneys that work with all different types of legal matters. Some work with marriage and divorce, some do child custody issues, some are criminal attorneys, and some are available for corporate or entertainment law. Each attorney type has their own specialty but they usually have a knowledge of the most law. If they do not know it, they will research the questions. Paralegals and office personnel are both trained to do research and file legal papers at the court house. Everything that someone else is capable of doing will help the attorney do the most difficult things.

Ross Abelow is an attorney at law. He works with people that need contracts and other commercial papers drawn up. Abelow is in the lawyer lighthouse registration so that you can find him and his address. Ross is a very good lawyer and he has a good heart. He is presently trying to raise money to help the animal shelters and lost animals in the streets. Ross Abelow graduated from Brooklyn Law School. He went to work with hopes of doing good things for the city of New York.

Gofundme is a way of raising money for different issues. Many times you walk in the city of New York and see the lost dogs and cats that are hunting for a scrap of food.  People need to donate to the fund so these items can be a reality. Gofundme is hoping to reach the goal of $5000. This will help the animal shelters as well as the animals in the streets. Go ahead and check out one of the articles to find out about Ross and the go fund me winter fundraiser. Each donation will help provide blankets, food, and medicine for animals in need. With enough donations, the animals may even be able to be put up for adoption. Check out the article for more information on Ross and the benefit.

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Thirty-Two Brazilian Cities Make The Entrepreneurial Index According To Banker Marcio Alaor


This is the second year Endeavor, the organization that supports entrepreneurs in Brazil, released an index that lists cities that offer businesses the ingredients they need to grow. The ingredients were detailed in a comprehensive list of 55 key elements that are necessary for healthy expansion in spite of the recession that has crippled the country. The cities on the list have the right internal environment for businesses to open branches, expand or form partnerships.

The 55 indexes outline the strengths and challenges of each city. Each city was given a score based on their infrastructure, innovation, regulatory environment, and human capital as well as their access to capital. The five top cities are no surprise, according to Marcio Alaor the Vice-president and Director of BMG Bank.

The top city for businesses is São Paulo. More than 60 percent of the capital investments in Brazil are in São Paulo. Florianopolis and Victory came in second and third on the list followed by Recife and Campinas. Alaor said those cities have not been impacted as much as other cities by the recession because of the business and population growth they are experiencing. Alaor works with several businesses in the top five cities, and he believes the local governments have put policies in place that help businesses thrive during the tough times.

Marcio Alaor is familiar with the tough times. He grew up in Belo Horizonte. Marcio had to shine shoes at an early age to make ends meet. He was able to work his way through school and after graduation he decided that banking was his passion. He got a job with the Bank of Minas Gerais, and he worked his way through the ranks. Alaor was instrumental in helping local businesses get their start at the beginning of his career. He was named Vice-President of the family-owned bank, and he played a role in the expansion of the bank.

When Alaor first saw the index, he immediately reached out to the leaders of the top five cities and gave his support and the bank’s support in their quest to bring the country’s economic back from the brink of disaster. Alaor recently told a group of entrepreneurs that the Endeavor Index proves that Brazil is healing. Alaor believes 2016 will be the year Brazil begins an economic recovery.

The Brazilian government is on the verge of announcing a $15 billion to get the economy moving again. Businesses that are struggling will be able to get low-interest loans, and consumers will be able to borrow money at better interest rates, according to Mr. Alaor.

Fashion and Beauty Icon Doe Deere Breaks Down Barriers

In addition to being a buzz worthy social media trend setter, Doe Deere is the creator and CEO of Lime Crime, a revolutionary brand of makeup for bold women who are ready to embrace their inner diva and break all the traditional beauty rules.

Besides being an animal cruelty free brand of cosmetics, Lime Crime was uniquely designed by Deere to help her followers branch out beyond traditional makeup choices and have fun with experimenting and expressing themselves everyday. In fact, Deere refers to her followers and customers as unicorns in homage of their willingness to buck the modern day beauty trends and be free-spirited, unique individuals. With Deeere’s cosmetic line, she hopes that customers will enjoy the experience of presenting themselves to the world through innovative and colorful makeup that makes everyday something to celebrate.

Part of what makes Deere’s approach to fashion and beauty so innovative and catching is her willingness to experiment and take on uncharted territory. As a wildly successful female entrepreneur, Deere’s adventurous spirit is one of her most valuable assets in the makeup industry as well as in her personal image. Deere’s fun-loving, no judgment approach to fashion and beauty puts the artistry and creative spirit back into her customers. In her own online tutorials, Deere shows her followers that it is perfectly okay to have fun with the process of experimenting with makeup and staying away from the more culturally accepted beauty images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

As both a business woman and a fashion and beauty loving inspiration, Deere is creating a legacy for women of all ages and backgrounds for what it means to embody their true selves in all aspects of life. Through her ground-breaking products and creative approach to running her business, Deere shows us that fashion and beauty are simply ways for us to add color and vibrancy to everyday life. Modern day advertising that teaches girls otherwise has met a strong foe in Doe Deere, and we are sure that her bold approach to beauty and fashion will pave the way for women to start making the most of their self-expression and having fun with their fashion and beauty choices in everyday life.